chum retention on the sky

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by sourdoughsmitty, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Anyone here heard when they will allow chum retention on the sky??
    thanx smitty
  2. Don't know when they will allow it. But definitely not this year..
  3. It's pretty clearly in the regs that there is no retention on chums this year. Good thing too as the numbers aren't exactly stellar.

    Did manage a nice, fresh-ish chum hen during my coho outing today, though.
  4. Does fresh-ish mean 2 or three visible purple bars. LOL
  5. WP_20131114_001 (2).jpg
    About like that. Nothing spectacular.
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  6. I think chum fresh-ish-ness is measured in milliliter of slime per square inch
  7. For my money, they are better left to their original destiny.
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  8. ... agreed
  9. I once kept a chrome bright chum in hopes it would taste good. I was wrong and it was horrible.

    I hope there is never chum retention on the sky again, it's just another excuse for red necks to come out of their shacks and trash the river.
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  10. I do notice a difference in the angling culture when there is and is not chum retention allowed on the Sky. I definitely prefer when chum retention is not allowed.
  11. :D As to the regs I am aware of them however as it smetimes happens if the escapement level is met on occasion there is a short season for them that is the reason for the iquiry ( sometimes under emergency regs ) . Now being a long time alaskan we view chums in a different light they represent a major foos source for the subsistance types ( the lower 48 has safeway stores no need to issue rules for personal use) If gotten close to tidewater they are good for the smoker especially the late run more oil in them .Yah they taste like a hatchery trout on steroids but they can and do outfight a king and anyother gucci salmon ya wanna name:DIallso notice a few comments on peoples behavior too I agree when pinks and chums are present it brings out the bubbas in force smitty
  12. with the way the WDFW view chum only as a commercial fish. lets hope the north sound rivers stay closed for chum retention.

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