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  1. I am going to target chum salmon this year and try to figure them out. I used to fish them back in the early 70's but things have changed (including the regs) over the last 35 years. Was wondering if someone could tell me where and how to go after them with the fly. I have been hearing green is the color so I am tying some up, but what color of green? Chartruese? Dark green? Kelly Green?

    I hear there is a fishery over in the Bremerton area. Would welcome any info. I don't have a boat so will be river fishing.

    Ken in Ellensburg
  2. You have a few choices. I'm thinking the fishery in question is either Chico Creek or Hoodsport. Lots of other choices though. Lots out on the OlyPen and throughout the sound fisheries.

    I love most green colors. Chartruese is always good. Tie up some comets in chartruese. Pink is a great color as well. Simple marabou flies work well as well. Not much you really need to do different then you did back then. I pretty much fish it the same way as well (and I started flyfishing for them back around 79-80').
  3. Hey Wildlander,
    Just got back from fishing for Salmon in the Naselle River. Was hoping to catch Silvers, but caught 3 chums. Had 5 fish on. 1 was about 15lbs., the other 2 were about 18lbs. All 3 had sea lice on them, so were fresh out of the ocean.I had my 5wt. rod. I used floating line with 10lb. test mono for leader. My friend tied up up some flys using #2 hooks with Chartruese yarn bodys, and Orange "wings. Did add a small bit of wire around the body for weight. Two weeks ago, we caught about 20 Salmon. Most of them dark Kings, and a couple of chum. Hope this helps give you some info. I'm hoping to pick up an 7 or 8 wt rod soon. myflysdown.:thumb:
  4. I have a couple of very serviceable 8 wts for sale. check out my classified under "8wts perfect for chum."

    As for your 5 wt, 'Spare the rod'.
  5. Chum flies usually fall into 2 categories for me. Chartruse and purple. No need for anything else. my home river is the Skagit for chums and if I don't land 5 an hour it's because my line isn't in the water. If you stick with that you'll do just fine on any chum river around.
  6. Chums also like cerise.
    (cerise = hot pink with a touch of purple)
  7. I also like to use two or three colors or even multi-colored flies to cover the spectrum of flies that are visible in darker, muddied waters. A couple of my favorites are a fly tied with a hot marabou tail, and a charteuse and cerise body of wrapped zonker strip. The rabbit makes it tough to sink at first, but it gets down with a little weight and once it has started absorbing the water. Another favorite is a wooly bugger style fly with a fluorescent yellow yarn body, cerise palmered hackle, and chartreuse marabou tail. That may be getting a little too complicated, though for what you have to tie. A simple framus-style fly like posted in the from the Island Fisherman magazine will usually do the trick if you want to tie up a whole bunch. The article is also right on the mark about techniques.
  8. does anyone know when the chums should be running in the stillaguaish river.

  9. friends have been catching them for a couple weeks now.

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