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  1. I have been fly fishing for a few years now and almost everyone I have fly fished with carries cigars and some sort of yummy drink with them... So I have a question for everyone.. Should I pick up one of the habits, both habits, or just leave it be.. I have watched "A River Runs Through It", every "Hank Patterson" video, and every fly fishing video on "youtube", so I figure its time for the next step in my fly fishing adventure/career...

    So ladies and gentleman.. If I should pick up one or both of these habits which drink and which brand of cigars will get me the most river cred?? What is your drink and smoke of choice??
  2. Four Roses Single Barrel and Gran Habano Connecticut #1. Lagavulin 16 year old single malt Scotch will also work quite nicely.
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  3. Cigars will stunt your growth and your car will smell bad.

    Now a good scotch in a hip flask.....That is a different story.:)
  4. +1 for Charlie about cigars but a Bushmills Single Malt 16 years old Irish Whiskey after a nice fishing trip..
  5. I never acquired a taste for Scotch. When I had it it was the cheap shit. But I do have some Elijah Craig Bourbon, 18 years old. Smooooooooth whiskey. A Christmas present two years ago. I must of toned down my drinking.

    As for cigars. I quit smoking over 22 years ago. I get the taste of tobacco in my mouth and I might take it up again. No thanks on Cigars.
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  6. Hey they didn't change your

  7. Bourbon should work in a pinch.

    Never did get the handle on cigars, or a pipe.
    Gave up on cigarettes in 1970.
  8. You could be contrary and fill your flask with chocolate milk. :eek: Only downside to this is you would attract young kids and its a tad harder to clean the flask of milk vs a fine blended whisky.
  9. Another vote for Pendleton.
  10. Glenrothes single malt scotch! Awesome stuff.

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  11. I like to fish with Johnnie Walker and his Black Label outfit.
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  12. Cigars…for fly fishing, I recommend something fat, as it'll spend a lot of time in your teeth while fishing. You'll end up chewing thru anything small pretty quick. I prefer a good maduro wrap…more flavor. Scotch…anything twelve years old is going to taste pretty good. I don't recommend an "Islay" scotch for a beginning scotch drinker, as it's got a strong, unique flavor. Jameson irish whiskey is always good too. And, don't leave out the bourbon. Pendleton, Knob Creek, Bulleit, etc., all good. Have fun!
  13. I've been Old Man for many years now. I used my real name for a while, but then nobody knew who I was. Old Man fits me better.

    I go by OM, OMJ, Old Man Jim. Or several different names not printable on the internet.

    My Avatar is a self portrait.
  14. Does he fish good and does he fly fish.
  15. I've got more Crown Royal bags than I know what to do with, but I keep buying the stuff. I switched from ceegars to a pipe a while back, doesn't stink as much.
  16. I wouldn't spend too much on the whiskey/bourbon/scotch for two reasons:
    1. High end stuff never tastes as good as it should when you drink it from a flask instead of a glass.
    2. Cheap stuff always tastes much better than it should when you drink it on the river.
    Evan Williams, George Dickel, Early Times are all good cheap browns.
  17. James

    You seem way to smart to take up smoking.

    Jameson 12yr reserve
    Bushmills black
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  18. My .02 is scotch in moderation, and light beer if you're on the sticks of the boat.

    In regards to smoking, depending on how hardy your plumbing is, you may get to acquaint yourself with a urologist and his cystoscope if you develop any issues in your bladder in years to come. This tool, on a regular basis, is what will be going up the business end of your veinersnitzel for him to take care of whatever you develop(the part with white bands). Anyhow, it's your life, and your roll of the dice. Some guys smoke for years with no issues.

  19. If you don't currently drink and smoke, why would you want to start? No high horse here, just asking. We get one shot at life and a finite amount of money.
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