Cigars and Whiskey question....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by james.jimenez, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    With everything James, it comes down to your tastes. Don't listen to anyone on here or what they "like". Why? Because their answers are WRONG. Why wrong? Because they don't have your tastebuds. :) Try a few cigars, try a couple whiskeys, etc. Hell, doesn't even need to be whiskey. If you like a good rum, tequila, whatever. Put that in a flask. I don't find ANY fault if someone wants to smoke cheap Swisher Sweets and drink cheap whiskey, as long as they're out fishing while doing it. I smoke a cigar most aficiondos would consider "crap" or "not real". But I love them, taste good. And I chaw on the butt when I'm done with it (yup, that quote will be quote of the year I tell you lol). Again, it comes down to what you like. Guess what? I know a few guys who don't care for tobacco at all (chew, cigarettes, or cigars) and drink just sparingly.

    BTW, when you come home, don't forget to bring me my Soju. :)
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  2. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member


    If you have to ask for advice about cigars and whiskey (or whisky), you're too young or otherwise unqualified to partake of either.

  3. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    He's a multi deployed soldier who's currently deployed. I think he's more then qualified to partake in both. He fishes with myself and a few others from my program, we all smoke and drink after we're off the water. Why he's asking. Should've just asked me James. LOL
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  4. kmudgn

    kmudgn Member

    You should try a pipe instead. It will make you look smart and impress the fish
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  5. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Don't tell him that. James is naive enough to walk into a "pipe" store, not realizing these are pipes for smoking herbs. I can just see what the Army would do to him with a little glass pipe with a small bowl claiming "Sir, it's for tobacco, even the shop said so". ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. FinLuver

    FinLuver Active Member

    "You should try a pipe instead. It will make you look smart and impress the fish "

    That's what I'm doin' wrong!!!

    How's it work with the ladies??

  7. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    Well, as many who have fished with me can attest, I enjoy a stream side drink. I don't smoke cigars much but every once in a blue moon they are not bad.

    Scotch: Macallen 12y/o is my fav. but a little expensive.

    Whiskey: Pendleton 1910 12y/o Rye is my fav.

    Burbon: Woodford Reserve.

    Tequila: I like good ol' El Jimador Anejo Very inexpensive and good in Coffee.

    Not a Vodka fan sorry can't help on this one.
  8. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    Blunts and Crown.

    Go Sox,
  9. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    LOL, again, he's in the US Army, blunts are a no go.
  10. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    He won't in the army be forever.

    Go Sox,
  11. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    LOL, true. But no use suggesting something he can't even try now.
  12. Steve Saville

    Steve Saville Active Member

    Just because someone else does? If someone else jumps off a bridge...
  13. Steve Unwin

    Steve Unwin Active Member

    Well put! I prefer Ezra Brooks over all those except the Dickel. I can tell you that the ezra tasted just fine today.
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  14. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    Don't do either... like red wines and beer though!
  15. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Bingo! When I fish, I fish... no time for spendy cigar smoking. I just stick with small cigarillos such as Al Capones, Backwoods or flavored Swisher Sweets. I generally enjoy a drink at home after the trip.
  16. astrofisher

    astrofisher Clear Skies

    A dry martini; in a deep champagne goblet.
    Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.
    Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.

    Romeo y Julieta Churchill.
  17. little rod

    little rod Member

    These 2 items are totally functional, that is why we carry them. Cigars keep skeeters away and the whiskey is for medicinal purposes. Cures the aches and pains after a long day of fishing.
  18. scottybs

    scottybs Active Member

    1.) Dry Fly Burbon 101

    2.) Bolivar Belicoso (must be a TRUE Cuban)
  19. Patrick Gould

    Patrick Gould Active Member

    Agree, I'm a fan of cheap browns. The bottom shelf has some good deals on decent whiskey.
  20. DimeBrite

    DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

    I don't do the cigar and hip flask thing while fishing, since neither help with catching and oral cancer would suck. After a good day of fishing I'll relax with a cocktail though. Most cigar smokers on the beach come from Orvis and cast poppers I've noticed, must be a cult.
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