NFR $*ck You USPS

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  1. So i decided to sell my switch rod combo which never got used anymore.

    I sent the item on on 8/16 and it arrived in Rocklin, CA on the 19th. it sat at the post office till the 26th.

    The gentlemen i sold to has opened a case that the rod was shattered inside the rod tube.

    so in a nutshell, i sold rod, rod gets sents via usps, Guy receives rod, rod is fucked beyond all belief, now i have to refund him the money, now i get a broken rod back and cant use the funds to purchase my new galvan i was supposed to pay for.

    No lube and Definitely butt hurt
  2. Are you sure you packed the rod properly? Are you sure the guy you sold it to didn't break it himself?
  3. how do i prove any of this?

    the rod was in its carrying case wrapped like 20 turns in bubble wrap with a A whole roll of tape
  4. in the last picture he was saying that second piece was shattered
  5. Ah, the "postal service"... Can't seem to be able to read typed addresses on our mail (and that of others), can't seem to be able to deliver $2500 checks to the addressee-it went to one of our neighbors. We can send people to the moon, but we can't sent a package across the state without it going through North Korea first. I once had to go pick one up at a post office annex where it got sent because someone was too stupid to read the address label (typed, of course) and so didn't deliver it. I walked in, and found no one there. A little button was on the counter, with handwritten instructions; "if no one is here, press button" in English, Spanish, and Russian. I pressed the thing, and about 5 minutes later this guy saunters in and asks if I need something!
  6. Maybe a "switch a roo?" I get rods delivered by USPS fine.
  7. Sucks Bass. Hope USPS does something for you
  8. Wait, are you saying the picture above is AFTER it was delivered?

    Every delivery company has it's problems. Misdeliveries happen (yet, you're right, sometimes a certain driver can misdeliver CONSTANTLY). Was tube damaged? If tube shows no sign of damage, then something else happened or it wasn't packed properly. Bubblewrap isn't a guaranty that it was packed properly. It's on how much movement the rod had in tube, did rod have any slop at ends of tube, was it a factory tube? Too many "ifs" to why it happened. But sadly, usually a breakage is a majority of the time fault of the person who packed the rod. Not saying the carriers damage, because we do, but it's usually from mispackaging.
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  9. it was in the stock st. croix tube.

    The pictures i have are before the rod was sent. rod case is not pictured
  10. Ok, have to clarify this. Those tubes aren't always the best way to ship. Why? Because some of them have flimsy tops and bottoms. Causes slop when shipping (even with bubble wrap). And even with bubble wrap, unless you totally encased it, there's a chance that if tube dropped that one piece may have had a break or open spot in bubble wrap and crashed straight down. Since a lot of those tubes aren't padded or have a hard bottom, that one piece could've jammed straight down. And most carriers have a rule on a box should be packed to drop a certain height.
  11. Yah it's a loss I'm assuming. The nice thing is st Croix appears to have a decent repair/ warranty program

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  12. I know its fun to bash on USPS, but I send/receive a ton of stuff through them and their overall record has been impressively positive considering that I'm sending a box 3000 miles away for $8 or whatever.

    But s--t happens. Sucks when it does, that's for sure.
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  13. insurance every time. its like 4$
  14. The problem is not exclusive to the USPS. I've sent and received items damaged during shipping via UPS and FedEx. If anything, I've had better luck sending items via USPS than UPS.

    When I consider all that I order via the Internet, very little is damaged during shipping. However, for some reason, when I send something to someone it doesn't always arrive as sent.

    Sometimes I wonder if they are looking at the package for drugs or bombs or whatever and damage the goods while doing so. Perhaps packages sent from private individuals to private individuals go through a different scanning process than something sent from Amazon.
  15. Usually the shippers themselves are trained to pack. People really don't know how to pack well. Only a few have what it takes to pack properly (and trust me, I know people who've made some wild claims of the amount they've shipped and have all the knowledge that can't pack to save their lives). Most vendors are damned good at packing. BUT, I know a few big named companies that are VERY bad about their packages. If there's movement in box, if box has slop (as in, if you can press on the sides and it easily moves in), or you have too heavy of an item in a box, it'll most likely get damaged. Or better yet the box may be destroyed. Like I said, and this has held true, almost everytime the damage is caused by the person packing it. I've inspected more then my share of damages, and when I've seen how they were packed they were packed wrong. The best one I ever saw was a package being sent to themselves (bought it on vacation and sent it home to themselves). They raised hell when I went to inspect package (damage claim). Again, heard story how they used to own some big outfit that shipped UPS all the time and they KNEW how to pack properly. Nope, wasn't packed well at all. Product inside was damaged, but if it was properly packaged it would have made it there easily.
  16. Jerry, is just a rod tube and sock wrapped in shipping paper not good enough for shipping?
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  17. Inspires me to do only face to face sales when it comes to this rod buying/selling stuff.
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