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  1. Second Jerry's comment on rod tubes not protecting rods from damage if dropped on end. Most have little or no padding on the ends. Or, if the do, there is still room for the rod to slide top to bottom. The best rod tube I own is for my GLoomis Streamdance. It has about a inch of foam on the top and bottom and you have to gently push the rod (in the rod sock) into the foam in order to screw on the top lid. Totally secure.

    Bummer that your rod was damaged. Hope the warranty will cover it.
  2. i'd buy insurance anything worth more than $100.00. It may cost me 5 bucks more, but is good to have when shit like this happens.
  3. USPS has priority flat rate shipping tubes - they're actually triangular boxes, they're free (with the priority shipping service) you just have to ask for them at the counter.. I"ve shipped rods in them, from cheap redingtons to custom Kabutos, of course within their own tubes.
  4. Not always. Having the right components isn't the key is HOW you assemble them
  5. I don't know about your location, but these triangular boxes have been discontinued by the PO here.
  6. You most likely packaged your rod better than manufacturers package there own rods. I call bull shit on this whole thing. If it were me. I would remove my financial information off of PayPal, OR if you can not do that because pay pal has already locked that up, go to your bank, and close that account and simply reopen a different account with a new number. Also when you close that account tell them that it is due to possible fraud and you want all debits, and credits blocked on it. I would fight this hard.
  7. Shoot, double post.
  8. What a nightmare. I've sold many rods without this happening, and now I see how fortunate I've been. Thank you, rod warranty.
    And again, Will Rogers hits the nail on the head.
  9. Priority mail now has automatic insurance. I want to say its like $150 or so. Might want to check it out.
  10. Union jobs...the cream rises to the bottom
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  11. Whoa, had never seen those! Cool stuff.
  12. in sur ance...just sayin

  13. I find it odd everytime I ship something that whatever company I ship with strongly recommends shipping insurance. For which, I pay extra!!

    Those companies are suppose to deliver the product in one piece. They feel they are so incompetent that they want YOU to insure the shipment against THEIR incompetence??? Yeah, I want to do business with firms like that.

    It is like going out to lunch and being told that for an extra $5 they wash the vegetables and prepare your food in such a manner that you will not get sick. I am sure that business model would not survive for long.
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  14. Ok, kill two birds with one stone.

    First off, it does happen. And all the rods I've received directly from the manufacturer in the hard tubes with soft case around it (like the sage DS, and many of the other companies have) ALL have been inside corrugated boxes (unless it was a break that was being fixed). Now, if you're talking buying from a secondary (like a flyshop), that's different how they're packed. I bet that almost all of you (including flyshop owners) I bet I see more rod tubes go through my hands then you do. Guess what? Most are tubes inside of tubes (or some sort of cardboard or corrugated tube). Only few I see shipped directly in a rod tube ONLY are ones sold by private sellers.

    Onto insurance. It's not incompetance on the shipping companies fault why they're pushing insurance, it's knowing that others around are improperly packaging their products. I had the misfortune to deliver someones mower deck (yes, full sized 48" wide mower deck) that was simply tossed into a box and had a few straps put around it. If you're sending LTL ona skid, fine. But sending via any small parcel company (that's Fedex, UPS, and DHL), chances are it won't be as pretty of box on the delivery side. Guess what happens when that deck starts bouncing around in the box while in transit? Punctures through and can damage OTHER boxes. And no, we can't go through every box. Especially when they load trailers full at a dock. Can't scan every one. I've been in the business long enough to know what does and doesn't happen. I'll admit, there is one carrier who really doesn't care about the product as much. They say they do, but watching them handle them, eh not so much. But the majority of the carriers out there do care to an extent. Some more then others. Usually it's a few bad eggs (as in delivery drivers) that make the rest look bad.

    By the way, those who want to knock union workers as "bottom of the barrel". The most productive delivery company out there for profits and stops per car and stops per hour is also the biggest Union based company out there. So please tell me how the bottom of the barrel is Union? Yes, I'm talking UPS. And yes, if you saw what our trucks looked like each day, stops we do each day, and pieces per stop we do in the amount of time we do it, most of you would shake your heads in disbelief. I deliver as many stops and packages by myself in same area as all my competitors (outside USPS, they're a different company all together) combined pretty much.
  15. Shipping companies could easily offer shipping with included insurance for whatever value, as long as everyone wanted to pay much much higher shipping rates.

    But of course, those complaining here about insurance would probably complain just as loudly at those prices.

    Like everything, the randomness of life and the low effort of some people in the world will bite you in the ass once in a while. You either pays you money or you takes you chances.
  16. I had a bad dealing with them early this month also, and now in the middle of an insurance claim. I basically received an empty tube...just sucks things like this happen, and then you receive terrible customer service when you inquiry about what to do. I got pulled in circles by customer service reps who didnt know their companies policies. Just hoping to have my money back shortly...good luck with getting the repair, thats definitely a bummer.
  17. Actually, a lot give free insurance. UPS offers the first $100 free. But like anything, people bitch AFTER they NEED it and didn't PAY for it. ;)
  18. I wondered what that brown stuff was!
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  19. That brown stuff is UPS. ;) But we're actually on the top. ;)
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  20. In our third business, we ship product all over the US in everything from 1 pound Tyvec envelopes to 50 pound boxes. I'd guess 95% of our shipping is via UPS with the balance by USPS. YTD, we've shipped over 300 pieces, an average of 2 pieces per business day.

    Based on the bitter complaints above, we should be experiencing enormous claim rates due to the incompetence or negligence of both carriers.

    In fact, we've had exactly ZERO damage claims, not just this year, but going all the way back to fall 2011 when we started the business. My strong suspicion is that spending the time and effort to package shipments to provide reasonable protection to the contents is what makes the difference.


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