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  1. USPS = 160 BILLION pieces of mail delivered per year. And the USPS is fully funded by its fees. NO federal general fund dollars -- i.e. 'tax payer dollars -- are used in the USPS Budget. The only 'budget deficit' experienced by the USPS is a result of a dumb-ass congressional mandate that requires USPS -- unlike every other government agency and certainly unlike ANY private business -- to set aside funds to cover ALL retirement costs upfront for every CURRENT and FUTURE employee long before those employees retire (and before 'projected' emplyees are even hired). That's like mandating that a 25-year-old worker who plans to get a job next year have in savings TODAY every dollar they'll need for their entire retirement period.

    This USPS pension fund 'pre-funding' is one of the stupidest ideas Congress -- a body known for passing stupid legislation -- ever conceived of.
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  2. were getting off topic here, the purpose of this thread is to flame the postal industry, not show its a business that generates billions of dollars.
  3. When I ship rods and I do it quite a bit sending fishing gear via ups ahead of myself on trips, many to AK, I use the manufactuer's rod case placed inside a heavy round card board shipping tube made for this purpose with both ends packed tightly. I have never had a rod broken after dozens of trips.
  4. While I feel your pain , the post office has never done me wrong.
  5. This started out as a guy who got boned because the shipping company fucked his rod up, and now it has been that it was HIS FAULT for not packaging it right??? what a joke....
    I, and im sure many many board members send rods allllll the time in tubes and have never had any trouble. somebody was playin wiffle ball on there lunch break for sure.
  6. Keep doing it that way and someday you too will have a broken rod. I posted up a way to package and ship rods which I have done dozens of times to all over the country with no issues at all.
  7. thanks for adding some facts to this thread.
  8. FACTS!!!! boy that sure ruins a good anti-government rant.:)
    Put me down to a fan of the USPS
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  9. I tried reading up on this, but it is truly a convoluted subject...

    With that said, the way it read to me was that USPS employee retirement/pension/healthcare is covered by the same federal funds as retired military or other general schedule government employee's. So the government decided to require that the USPS pay into that fund to cover those costs. But I was never able to find how they came to a conclusion of how much had to be paid per year. So I would have to say it is hard to say whether they are truly operating at a deficit or not. That would depend on whether they are paying enough to OPM to cover the benefits of their current and retired employee's.

    "There are many reasons, but by far the most important is that the Postal Service's losses are largely the product of a congressional mandate imposed on no other public or private enterprise in America.Since 2006, Congress has forced the Postal Service to make enormous annual contributions into a fund for future retiree health benefits, including the $5.5 billion and $5.6 billion mentioned above. In fact, since they began, these payments have accounted for more than 80 percent of the Postal Service's losses.

    "It is worth noting that the Postal Service's pension funds are overfunded and the retiree health care fund -- into which these payments are transferred -- currently contains almost $45 billion dollars, enough to pay retiree health costs for decades to come.

    "This congressional mandate is the cause of the "crisis" facing the Postal Service, and it has nothing to do with operations, decreasing mail volume, or the Internet.

    "That is not to say that the Postal Service has no problems. Clearly, it does. First-class mail, long the major revenue source for the Postal Service, is declining as people and businesses shift communications from paper to various electronic forms. If it is to survive, the Postal Service needs to undergo a major re-think of its business model and a major restructuring of its operations and costs."
  11. But that junk mail equals jobs...for those that create it, those that deliver it and those that p/u your trash. So man up and accept your share of distributed shit. ;)
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  12. Blake again it's easy for an armchair quarterback to make a claim like that. Again, I highly doubt there's ANYONE who's handled more rod tubes than myself, NOBODY! That's including flyshop owners. I'm talking shipping wise, not delivered into a shop via a bulk tube box. Again, and let me make this very clear. Most people have NO idea how a package should be shipped. Some are just damned lucky. Some have a little common sense, again that doesn't alway equal "correct packaging". Packages just don't go from point A to B and not move. There is a system they must go through (conveyor belts, slides, etc) that can cause damages to the package and to OTHER packages because of poor packaging. Don't kid yourself, a poorly packed box will damage contents fast. And yes, if you only ship in a factory tube you've been damned lucky for not having a break (that's for all of you). Rods are usually sent tube inside of tube. That extra buffer makes a world of difference. Like a shock absorber. Take the shock absorbers off your truck and drive down a flat level road. Guess what? You'll notice that road isn't as smooth as you had thought. The way that rod was broken, there's NO WAY it happened because someone was using it as a bat (I realize you were kidding, I hope), because EVERYTHING in there would've been shattered from the force. Not just one piece. More info I have, more I can tell you what happened to the package.

    Again, you can't always flame the postal industry. Most of us do a good job, some great. I can openly tell you about USPS, FedEx, or DHL, but I'm sure like UPS, a good chunk of damages are caused by mispacked boxes. And one mispackaged box can cause MULTIPLE damages down the line.
  13. Having read that article, I can't really take it seriously. It sounds so Michael Moore it sends off alarm bells. Obviously written to play on sympathies and nothing more. Also note at the bottom that he represents the labor union that most USPS carriers are a member of.

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  14. Ha ha yeah Jerry I was joking! And Ive never had a single problem with any shipping carrier. I am just saying that things get handled many times and ran thru conveyors and such, things are bound to be "affected". I don't think you can simply excuse them all as a product of miss packaging.
    I also didn't mean to imply that I send rods in the factory tube alone, always in an additional tube. And if that's what he did then I apologize as I misread!
  15. I honestly can say that most damaged packages are caused by poor packaging. Only problem that poor packaging can damage a well packed package. Have seen it a lot. Especially when i unloaded trailers.
  16. im thinking the guy broke it, there is no way it broke in transit unless someone backed over it. there is no deformities or anything to the rod case as well.

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  17. That does look like an odd place for it to break, and there sure seems to be an awful lot of trauma where it broke, kinda similar to when my rod had an unfortunate encounter with a car door. Seems fishy, but I'm just another "internet expert" speculating.
  18. thats exactly what i was thinking, it 100% looks like a car door
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