NFR $*ck You USPS

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Virnoche, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Minimally related to this thread:

    In November 1992 I mailed a bunch of postcards to family & friends from Christmas Island. None of them have arrived yet, but I check every day. :cool:
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  2. bigdood fishing hack

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    There must be some sort of JFK magic bullet type shit going on with this shipment. Somehow a single segment of the rod shows massive trauma while the other three segments and the case they were in escaped the massive trauma altogether, but this one piece, oh this one piece...
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    Was it sold to a WFF member? PM the name if so.
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    No eBay buyer

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    we would have already hung prosecuted and ruined his name already if so
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    That doesn't look like the rod section was damaged in transit. Possibly while casting and more likely the section was bent to the point of failure. Rod manufacturers are pretty good at identifying the type of action that causes different kinds of breaks. Yours didn't happen in transit.

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    My only option is to file the claim with usps for the 50 tjey guarantee. Then pay the 75 +15 for shipping and wait for the rplacement section or rod deeemed by there peoples
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    By peoples i mean st croix
  9. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Yesterday I received a St. Croix rod I bought on e-bay. It was NIB (rod tube). Delivered by UPS and the outer cardboard box looked like it had been used as a wheel chock...for the trucks or planes...maybe both. I then recalled this thread as I was bringing it in the house and opening the box up -- fully expecting badness. But, the tube and rod were A+, and the rattling I heard was the little ferrule wax puck they attach to the outside of the rod tubes. I sure Jerry would have given the sender a D- for packing as there was no additional stuffing material around the rod tube. Good, clean living pays off again ;).
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    One would think the boxes that the lines and reel were sent in would be mangled too. Not even a dent. In a nutsheell screwed
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    Maybe so, but this has been an entertaining thread.
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    I had almost the exact same thing happen to me on ebay. The guy claimed that things were messed up, and when I got it back I could tell that "HE" messed with it. I called him out on his shit and told him that the product works fine, and I think it was just buyers remorse. I ended up fucking with him until the idiot could not file a claim. Then when he tried it was too late. Serves him right for trying to fuck me over.
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    Creme De Brulee
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    Beiong in the business for 29 years now I have seen a lot of packages people have received damamged. Of course this is out of millions or more received undamaged. I agree every shipping methodd has its issues if you ship enough. My cocnern would be that the St Croix tubs have padding at both ends and a good outercase. If thats the tube it was shipoped in I dont see how a rod would shatter unless it was removed from the tube at some point. But, then again there is that 1/1,000,000 i guess? I would really question the consigneee at this point and see if it arrived packaged the same way? was it retapped? was the carton ripped? if not I would have a hard time with the consignee!