Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by S Fontinalis, May 17, 2012.

  1. This is probably a VERY long shot given the complexity of the flies and the expense incurred in tying them, but is there any of the classic tyers out there up for a swap.
    I'd say 5 tyers MAX, so we each tie 4 flies.
    Any pattern from the usual suspects - Kelson, Hardy, Traherne, Knox, Pryce-Tannatt, Tolfrey, Blacker, Ephemera, Francis.
    Due Date Aug 1, gives a good couple months to get all tied up and shipped out.

    I've been on a tying spree of late, focusing exclusively on these flies.

    Completely understand if there are no takers. I'll let it open for participation until May 31, which is two weeks from today, or if we get 4 more tyers before then, all the better.


    Recently did a swap on another forum for classic salmon flies and tied the Thunder and Lightning from PT, 2/0
  2. OK, i'll go first. I found a much frowned upon pattern by Kelson, "The Smith". tinsel body butted with 3 hackles and a married wing.

    So, The Smith it is for me.
  3. I could tie a couple with the limited materials i have, but would be using standard up eye hook. I don't have the hooks or material to tie the loop eye style.
    I would also have to substitute some of the materials, which would not hold true to the original pattern.
    If you would not mind though, I would be interested.
    I tried a swap similar to this a couple times with no response to speak of. I think, like you say, most tyers dont have the fancy materials.
    But they are fun to tie and a challenge, which I like.
  4. Subs are key for this project unless you're Rockerfella and can afford all the rare feathers. I have some, but mostly use subs.

    On regular eyed hooks is fine with me, and probably better since i'm sure most folks will want to fish the flies.

    Sign up...3 more to go!!
  5. DSC02797.JPG Eunan - Your swap is a great idea and I hope it is a success. I would love to participate but I just don't tie Atlantic Salmon flies anymore. I've exhausted much of my supply of good materials and have gone in other directions. Good luck and I will be following the swap. Jack Devlin

    PS I like your SIDEWINDER in 365.
  6. I have 3 other flies in the project to come up some time later in the year.
    Pretty excited to be able to participate.

    No worries about the swap - that box looks GREAT!
  7. Great! Thanks.

    I'm thinking about the Emerald Green Traherne pattern.
  8. Ok,
    Here's The Smith. I'd never tied this pattern before last night, so proportions are a little off. But i'll retie for the swap and make sure everything is right for the final.
    The pattern calls for grey mottled turkey in the wing, i didnt have any, so just left it off with as i didnt have a reasonable sub either.
    Underwing is swords from golden pheasant tail, which is also a little long.
    This is on a 1/0 Alec Jackson hook, which i've not tied a lot of flies on before, so another reason for the proportions to be off a little.
    The body can also be tied with flat silver and ribbed with oval tinsel. I might try that on the next one I tie. If i get some blind eye hooks, the overall fly might look a little better. 2/0 would probably be the biggest i'd tie it on a blind eye, which is actually shorter than the Spey hook above.
    I think the wing here is too deep, i'd prefer a much lower profile, and the topping is a bit too long. Also the head is too far back.

    All will be rectified for the swap, for whoever signs up.

  9. Even if you think the fly is not in proportion, I think it looks just fine. Really like the married wings.

    Any sizes on the hooks? I was thinking about tying on a size 2, because it is what I have. But I could go and purchase a few 1/0 or 2/0.

    I've been tying for another swap right now, but should be done with that swap by tomorrow. I will start on some Atlantic Salmon Flies after tomorrow.
    If it ends up just being the two of us, we could maybe tie a couple different patterns and have a MINI Swap.;)
  10. Just tie on whatever you have. if noone else signs up by tomorrow, we can do two each, how 'bout that?
  11. I would like to join this if you will have me! As long as the due date is kept to Aug 1st. I have been tying these for a few years now and would be interested in what others thought of my progress.

  12. The more the merrier! We'll not change the due date.
  13. looks like its the three of us.
    We can tie one pattern each, or two patterns each, whichever you prefer.
    I'm gonna stick with The Smith, and one other yet to be decided pattern if we go that route.
    Let me know. Due date is still Aug 1
  14. Alrighty then......Two patterns might be do-able. I will look into finding another pattern to tie, but I am still tying the Emerald Green.
  15. A first attempt at the Emerald Green. I know the proportions are off a bit on this too, but it fishes. Note to self: Use your glasses....there's space between the tinsel.
    Been a while since I tried a hand at these tough flies. Gotta work out my crest shaping also.
    It'll get there.;)

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  16. looks pretty good. I'd say just shorten the hackles a bit and for the crest, its good to pluck them from the head, wet them and wrap them round a glass. Let them dry and then use can get a nice arch to them depending on the circumference of the glass.

    Are we all agreed on two patterns, that will be 4 flies each since there's only 3 of us.
  17. Thanks for the tips using a glass. I was trying to find a website with some feather forming tips. I use to have alot of the Classic Salmon Fly info, but changed hard drives and lost alot of it. Plus, it has been a few years since I tied some of these. I had to make a trial run to gimme more perspective for sure. :D

    And yes, I am definitely fine with two patterns each for 4 flies total. Still trying to find an interesting 2nd pattern to tie.
  18. Im in for two flies each 4 total. Still deciding which patterns.
  19. Im in for two flies each 4 total. Still deciding which patterns.
  20. thats great guys. Its gonna be a small by great swap. Just dont let the deadline sneak up on you....

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