Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by S Fontinalis, May 17, 2012.

  1. Just a note about your hackles - The hackle you have at the back of the fly is plenty long enough for the throat hackle, and the rest should be shorter than that one.
    I also think i see i a herl head on the fly too.
    I wind my herl heads from front to back. Its a difficult thing to master, but can be done. You finish the herl head right at the wing and tie it in with a couple wraps, then one or two whip finishes. To keep the herl from slipping forward, you can do one of two things: either use cobblers wax, which is stickier than regular tying wax, on your thread, or once the herl is tied in, put some head cement on the thread after you have moved the thread back to the finishing point at the wing - allow the cement to dry a little, but not fully dry, it should be a bit tacky, then wind the herl should stick to the cement and not slide forward. This cement method is a one and done thing, if you screw it up you have to unwind and retie a new herl - cobblers wax is better...

    Just some pointers, not criticisms....
  2. Thanks for the tips. Never knew about the herl wrap procedures.
    No criticism taken whatsoever. I would like to learn more about tying the fancy flies, but the cost of materials put me off them a few years ago.
    Where can I get some cobblers wax? Never heard of it.
  3. you can make your own - you just need rosin (like gynmastic rosin or that for muscial bows), beeswax and castor oil.
    Or you can try a shoe repair store locally and ask if they sell it. or alternatively you can get it here
  4. Two down two to go! Decided on the durham ranger for the first fly, with a couple variations. Im thinking something with a married wing for the second fly..........
  5. How's everyone going? I've got my two patterns, The Smith, which i'll do as a presentation fly, and Edwin, a fly just posted by Saltyer. Looks a great pattern for fishing, and pretty easy to tie.

  6. Guys, Might have to push the deadline back a couple weeks. getting some work done at home, and my tying den (the basement) is designated storage area, so i'm out of commission until at least July 14. I will hopefully make Aug 1, but in the eventuality that i dont, is everyone ok with additional week or two. We can still aim for August 1 though.

  7. Sounds fine to me. I have been quite busy and not getting these done like I thought.
  8. Ok guys, i'm gonna have to push it back two weeks. Totally swamped with stuff going on and i've had no time to get flies tied like i thought. How does Aug 14 sound for flies to arrive in my mail box. I'll turn them around as soon as all are in and get them back again to each of you.
  9. Aint heard from anyone since July 3, Gonna cancel this one.
    Thanks anyway guys. Maybe during the winter when the weather is worse and there's more time for tying.

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