Cleaning Fly Lines: How Often?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by golfman44, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I upgraded to "high end" fly lines this year across the board and I really want to take care of these.

    Without being obsessive, how often do you clean your fly lines? I obviously have rinsed well in warm water after every salt water outing but I've put about a dozen or so days on the water on each line by now and I figure its time to soap em up and put some rio dressing on them.

    How often (how many outings) do you guys do this to your lines?
  2. I clean my floaters every trip. Records don't indicate when the last time the sinking lines were cleaned. I suspect 2011 and before that the previous Millenium.
  3. Whenever they seem to need it based on their casting or floating needs.
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  4. If u your having trouble shooting line i suggest ky jelly or astroglide on ur line. It will zing right through those guides if yah nomsayin
  5. I clean mine when ever my floaters start to sink. Since I don't use any sink tips I have nothing to worry about. Your lines don't look dirty but you pick up a lot of dust off the surface of the skinny water.
  6. After every use, salt or fresh, I take the end of my line, run it through one of those bike chain cleaners and tie it off to a different reel. In the bike chain cleaner I've got a diluted solution of Johnson's Baby Shampoo (can't be too careful with fly line). Lighten the drag up on reel #1 and reel in on reel #2 to totally clean the line. I then empty the bike chain cleaner and put in Voss water (or similar super high falutin' water) and load the line back thru the cleaner, only this time reeling it off reel #2 and back onto reel #1.

    Your line starts like


    But finishes like

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  7. yup.

    If you need a number go with every 3rd trip on the floaters. You won't notice how sticky they were until after you clean them. Longer on the others.
  8. Good reminder! It's probably time...
  9. How in the hell is this helpful in any manner?
  10. Nothing wrong with a little levity, is there?
  11. I was just bustin golfmans balls no pun intended
  12. Serious answer though when it stops floating and every time after salt

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