Click Pawl or Disk Drag?

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  1. I sold all my spring and pawl reels. I don't like the noise they make. When I'm across the lake (or river) slaying them, the last thing I want is to attract all that attention and have all the other fishermen hone in on my spot. ;) But seriously, I know I don't need a super fancy disk drag to catch trout (which proves I'm not a dunderhead), but, as I've pointed out before, none of us who fly fish live in a world of needs. I like the sexiness of a nicely machined disk drag reel, so that is what I prefer to fish with. Even if the drag only engages when I'm stripping off line, at least it is quiet.
  2. I have two large arbors and don't like them either because they tend to get in the way on a pontoon. I like the mid arbors. Unless a fish is charging the boat--stripers do that sometimes--I rarely have to reel fast, but i thought that was one of the purposes/benefits of the large arbor?
  3. I've managed to end up with 30+ reel in 45 years of fishing. About 50/50 spring and pawl vs. various disk designs. I think the OPs pros and cons are about right. I do find that with spring and pawl I just set it to prevent over spool and then never adjust, just use the spool. With disk drags I tend to "chase" the setting due to temperature variations and wet vs. dry conditions. I almost always fish with spring and pawl for 5 wt and under (trout) since 3-4 oz reels in that design used to be common and that matches up with my preferences. My disks are mostly for heavier rigs.

    Agreed. Orvis doesn't even get it right until they describe their $700 Limited CFO.
  4. I vote for a new wff category called "Ask Salmo_g" where anyone brave enough can write in with the questions that keep them up at night. Then whatever happens happens.
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  5. I'd read that thread.
  6. Disc drag for anything 6wt and up.

    Below that, preference

    You're not stopping a 40lb king, tuna, tarpon, bonefish etc with a click pawl and palming rim. Or if you are, you're not gonna enjoy it.
  7. It can be entitled "The Pedantic Corner"

    Click pawl, click and pawl, spring pawl, who cares, if that's the common name? Kansas is considered the Midwest, yet it is not in the middle of the west. Why not the Mideast? Because we call it the Midwest. Blah.
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  8. I like the sound of drag screaming. Not the stupid clicking sound, but the sound that line makes as it screams off my reel and through my guides.I hate the sound of click in wind

    Sea lions know what a loud drag sounds like. So do loons, cormorants etc. the louder your clickitty click drag is, the more attention you draw to yourself
  9. From what I've heard, the Bear in Alaska are also drawn to a "screaming reel".

    Best not to take chances. I also prefer disc brakes on my vehicles instead of dragging a stick on the road to stop :)
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  10. Flintstones brake system!!
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  11. Nautilus reels FTW- I'll never look back
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  12. Islander IR4LA. Sing to me my precious.
  13. Disk drag this blah blah blah. I havent caught one steelhead yet that has ever tested my marquis. PFFFT.
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  14. Galvan Torques for me for the 6-7 wt. DDs, my old Battenkills for the lighter lines.
  15. It all works. I like clickers because I find it fun to fight a fish on one and they're far more affordable. I like the sound too.
  16. Spring/pawl all the way...Until I meet a steelhead that can blow up my Young's Beaudex, I'm not changing (highly unlikely)...Although I DO hang a Medalist off of one of my trout rods, so I might be a dunderhead, but that's unlikely as well.

    This is all assuming freshwater only. I have disc drags for my saltwater setups (I just can't bring myself to basically sacrifice one of my Youngs for use as a surf perch reel--although I do have an old beat up Pridex that would do the job).
  17. One thing we can probably all agree on is that if you choose a disk drag, get a good one. I'd rather have a reel with no drag than one with a crappy disk drive. My Galvans are complete overkill, but they're phenomenal reels with wonderful drags and I just admire them. That counts for something to me.
  18. I feel the same about my Bauers, they are overkill for much of the fishing I do but they are phenomenal reels and a real joy to fish. For the record I own and fish both clickers and disk reels, I enjoy using each and have no plans of dropping either type.
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  19. Pretty sure it was Lefty who said a reel is just something to store your line on. Fish em if you've got em!
  20. I always feel a little dirty when I use a reel with a disk drag .
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