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  1. I am looking to get a raincoat (the costco one I have works great as long as it does not rain)_ The coat I am looking at is available in blue (they are sold out of sage). I mainly trout fish and wonder weather blue will tend to spook more fish than sage green?

  2. Color matters, but not so much if you are in the "reasonable color" range. I would avoid red or Hunter Orange out of the hunting season. Move slowly, respectfully, pay attention to your shadow, and use sidearm casts and you'll be fine with blue. and when it is raining, you can practically step on their tail and they won't care :DEVIL
  3. I myself worry less about the color of my clothes when I fish small streams. The main thing is to make sure not to wear anything that light can reflect off of such as watches or glasses without tint. The flash of light from my glasses has scared off fishes when I am sight fishing to often to forget about. Since I stay low and out of the water on small mountain streams I can sneak up on the fish most of the time as long as I move slowly and with not knocking small stones around or making any other sound. For clothing stick with dark colors dark olive works well if there are trees behind or blue for sunny days. If fishing clear lakes I feel the fish are even spookier then in the streams since the moving water distorts the images that are above them more. For this color break up is important and staying low even more important. Just my own take on the subject. I have talked to some who fish small streams and mountain lake alot they go even further by taking down the shine on their rods by scratching them up with a fine grain sandpaper. This is further then I myself am willing to go, though I have started to use an old rod for small streams that is worn and faded after its years of use.
  4. Gary Borger does an excellant job of explaining how and what fish see from beneath the water at differant depths etc. It's in his book, "Presentations". I recommend it.In some situations you could wear almost anything and in others it would matter allot.In deep water it's not critical, but in shallow watwer it's serious.Light levels play a role, contrats of background etc. Just like a good hunter- you have to blend in.Think like a tree.
  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    I had or still have some older Bare blue waders that seemed to have shark repelant on the because when ever I wore them I couldn't catch any fish. Well since I got some new ones they seem to work better as I'm starting to catch fish. I try to stay with dark colors but can't seem to stay with it.


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