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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scudley Do Right, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I would like to do a swap for summer coho on the beach. Looking for baitfish type patterns 3.5-5.5''. Hoping there is enough interest for 6-8 tiers. Shooting for completion by July 7 so we can get them by mid July.
    1. me (purple/white clouser with stinger) done
    2. nailbender (UV white pearl clouser) received
    3. Nick Clayton (stinger clouser) received
    4. Chris Bellows (boob's banger) received
    5. KevinLS (Ferguson's Sand Lance)
  2. In. I'm sure ill do one of the variations of stinger clousers I have been tying lately. Probably chartreuse/light pink uv with some flash
  3. Mine will def have sticky sharp stings as well. I gotta go get some thread and get started.

  4. cool, Nick is in so we have three
  5. Brutal, no love for the coho swap. If nobody else wants in we could do two patterns each?
  6. with that avatar, how can i resist... plus a small swap works well for my tying pace ;)

    i'll tie up a boob's banger.
  7. I avoided signing up due to the end date, I'm just too busy this time of year. Have fun, and post pics when you guys are all done.
  8. I would love to join. I have a ton of patterns from FFPS2 I want to tie. If you'll please let me join my first swap, I'll decide on my pattern tonight!

  9. P.S. I'm not a 'new' member but I needed a new user name as the old ones just weren't funny anymore...
  10. Right on I was getting worried
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  11. I'll be tying up Ferguson's Sand Lance. This pattern has a trailer FYI.

  12. I say we go ahead with five and maybe one more if somebody wants to join
  13. Ok tying for six if nobody else gets in. You can keep the extra.
  14. Okay I have all my materials in, hitting the vice today to get started (Took awhile to get the exact right stick on eyes in). I've got some UV bucktail I may throw in if anyone would prefer?

    Also it isn't a real heavy fly, I could add in a little weight if preferred?

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  15. I'd like mine however you like them.
  16. Okay the flies will be hand delivered by a Playboy Playmate delivering a keg of beer. :)
  17. Blond?
  18. Of course!
  19. Just sent the address. Got nailbender's flies and they look pretty slick with the green hooks.
  20. Ok, just finished mine

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