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  1. Look forward to the swap photos guys! Wish I would have joined this swap but I will enjoy from the screen.
  2. Been super busy, but should have mine done tonight.
  3. I'm all finished, maybe get a photo up soon. I'll be mailing things off this week. I went with a UV Yak hair instead of white bucktail; hope they kill!
  4. Here they are. Still debating length of stinger vs. fly length, as well as proportions. Any suggestions are appreciated. Really stared at photos I had to get everything right.

    Yes I'm really curious about thoughts on stinger length because I see them anywhere from halfway back to as long as the whole fly...

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  5. Kevin, the flies look good. I put my hooks toward the back of the fly to prevent short strikes.
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  6. Yeah I guess can you go too far? Fish sees too much hook? Anyhow I tied a few more making sure they're long enough flies and stinger is trailing a bit more. Should send them out tomorrow.

  7. The ones in the pic look good. I didn't mean for you to tie up more.
  8. Just a heads up 5 days left
  9. No big, I tied a number, and different sizes for myself. Flies went out Wed. Looking forward to seeing them all.

  10. my flies went out friday.
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  11. Sweet.
  12. Just checked the mail, no flies yet. I will keep you guys posted as I get them.
  13. Received Chris and Nick's Flies today, bitchin' flies by both gentlemen. As soon as I get Kevin's flies I will get them in the mail.
  14. Gentleman,
    I apologize for not seeing this sooner. On July 3rd the flies went out from Allyn, WA. As you can see USPS says they were delivered on July 5th at 9:14 AM. They were in a priority mail box with postage and label to get back to Spokane.

    If you don't have them I'll call USPS and see what the H is going on.

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  15. Original Receipt with both tracking numbers.

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  16. No worries, I will give my post office a call tomorrow and see what I can find out.
  17. Ok, got it worked out mail guy said he delivered them but they were sitting at the post office. I have all the flies packaged and will place them in the mail tomorrow. I am not the best photographer by any stretch, but I posted the photos in the galley. Sent Chris a couple PMs but never got a reply. Placed the photos under Fly Swaps 2013, hope that works.
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  18. Woo Hoo
  19. Has any one received their flies yet?
  20. Got mine very nice, gonna try em out soon as the kings are gone.

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