NFR Colin Kaepernick's Contract Extension

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by golfman44, Jun 4, 2014.

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  2. ...and RW3 is smiling!
  3. Highest paid artist....choke artist.
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  4. kaeperdick
  5. What does Peyton make?
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  6. A lot of seahawks fans very happy.
  7. Why pay him so much. He can't beat Seattle.

    I wonder what Seattle's QB is worth.
  8. not very much w/o a running game
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  10. Seeing the "real" numbers this seems like a solid deal. If he sucks we can cut him lose with minimal impact. If he is great he gets paid at or just below current market level.

    The deal for Wilson will be much more difficult. Although he is more polished now he surely doesn't have the upside Kap does. Will he take a home town discount? I doubt it, he seems smarter than that business wise. Superbowl winning mediocre QB...
  11. Wow that one went way over your head. LOL
  12. 61 Million $$ ....guaranteed, over 6 years....that's 10 Mil per year of cap space. I will gladly take Wilson's 'mediocre' QB rating in the superbowl ...look it up! Of course kaperdink has a higher 'upside' over Wilson, because he has never won a Superbowl and most of us hope the only way he gets to the superbowl is to BUY a ticket!
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  13. The deal is structured in a way that the base salary for years 2015-2017 become guaranteed on April 1st of the respective year. They could cut him after the 2014 season and not be on the hook for any of the remaining money. The headlines with NFL contracts are usually misleading but this one in particular is more misleading than most.
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  14. You guys really like to shit on Wilson. He has manufactured some of the most brilliant Seahawks football moments I've seen, regardless of winning the Super Bowl.
  15. The boys in Washington State are not happy unless they are picking on somebody in Sports. I guess it's Wilson this month.
  16. Nice... Hope you don't pretend to be a fan. We suffered long enough with mediocre teams, time to be excited for the Seahawks.

    On a side note, Wilson was good enough to help me win 2 of my fantasy leagues.
  17. the real deal, CK could be the real deal, time will tell, but right now the only thing that matters is W's and Championships and Wilson has that covered. He does everything asked of him, if asked to throw 45 times a game I have little doubt he put up great numbers....but would the team just become like the Santa Clare Whiners, GB Packers, etc. Ho Hum a winning season and a losing play-off team every year !!! I'll take the Seahawks, their running game, their stout D' , their pedestrian receiving corps, their questionable draft picks, and most of all their vertically challenged, game managing, and questionable untalented QB every time...and sit back and enjoy watching them in February of 2015 ...Thank you...and Shut up Santa Clara Whiner fans!!!!
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