Columbia River Shad?

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  1. I know the Shad season isn't open until May 16th but I was wondering if any folks have advice on chasing Shad on the fly from the bank on the Columbia?

    Certain spots I should scope out? Certain flies? I hear that it's a blast... I'd love to get out after work for a bit over the next 5 weeks and get into some fish. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Doooood. They are super fun. Pm coming tonight!
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  3. i'd love to do this also this year. looks like a blast! i see they started hittin the dam a few days ago.
  4. There was a recent article in the Fly Fishing Journal about this very topic. Seems they were targetting them below Bonneville on the Oregon side.
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  5. Down in wenatchee by confluence state park used to catch them all the time when i was yoinger
  6. You probably have 4-5wks before the numbers are enough to go target them. You want to wait until there's around 100,000 counted over Bonneville per day to go. Then, just go find some bank access and run some slipstream jigs or shad darts until you get your depth dialed.
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  7. Sharpe Steelies and shad. My favorite time of year.
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  8. It's a toss up for me to drive to The Columbia or The Umpqua to fish for shad. The Umpqua isn't nearly as large so I lean more that direction.

    We consider shad on the fly as the poor man's tarpon. They are a blast! They are not native to the NW rivers but I've never read that they are causing harm to the native fish. Which is a good thing. They were originally planted in the Sacramento River by a guy who brought them from the East Coast via rail.
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  9. Blake!! Looks like my favorite bank is ALSO your favorite bank. ;)
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  10. Also: My favorite
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  11. I think I've fished off that bank also.
  12. And, just because

  13. LOL....:D Okay, someone PM the location of the damned bank! :p
  14. I'd leave or call the sasquatch hotline if I saw that on the beach.
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  15. "Son of Bobo"????
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  16. The image of Evan holding the doomed shad and his 666 rating might be a sign for some... :eek:
  17. As I replied last year, "There goes the neighborhood!"
  18. Seams along the bank, below large concrete river barriers.
  19. shirtless is the only way to roll on that bank....anything else and you just don't fit in!
  20. Craig Haskell (USGS) just published a paper in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society which demonstrated that the feeding of abudant juvenile shad in the John Day Reservoir is responsible for the seasonal decline of both the size and number of Daphnia, which are an important dietary component of sub-yearling chinook.

    Yeah Seth Green introduced them to the Sacramento River in 1871, and they were first observed in the Columbia by 1876. I wrote a couple articles on this, so if any wants them PM me with your email address and I'll pass them along.
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