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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Derek Young, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. A very special day shared by two very special gents . . . I'll second the "post of the year" nomination & add that this may well be the most inspirational post I've had the privilege to read on any forum. Thanks for sharing a truly wonderful adventure.
  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing that experience.

  3. An amazing report on an utterly amazing day, Derek! I am sure you will both treasure the day for the rest of your years. Than you for sharing!
  4. Very cool. It would have been amazing to have been a third wheel on that trip.
  5. Right on!
    I've been looking forward to hearing how it went.
    Great Job adapting and dialing it in.
  6. Very nice, thanks for sharing this story. You did a wonderful job and so did your client.
  7. Bringing back his mind's eye memory is special. His memory of you, even more special.
  8. This one has heart, and soul. Thank you Derek.
  9. You know I don't know which of you got the most out of that trip. I know your client enjoyed himself, but I think he gave you an experience that will never be forgotten.
  10. That was fantastic.
  11. :) Nice trip report! Thanks for sharing that. That was an incredible day you and your client had. Way to go!
  12. Thank you all for your interest in this story and comments - yes, it was a valuable day for me personally and professionally. I've heard from many of you via private message about similar experiences, and it continues to amaze me - the powerful and sometimes healing powers that this pursuit brings us, despite how or where we practice it. I am blessed in being part of this community and for the friendships built along the way.

    See you out there.
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  13. I second the post of the year!

    Puts things in perspective.
  14. Derek thank you for sharing one of a very few golden moments in a persons life we get to enjoy so seldom.
  15. Derek, great report. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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