Coming back home to Lacey Washington!!

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  1. Just looking to see if any foot trout fishing is going on.. I've been in Georgia doing training and fishing on the weekends, but can't wait to get home... Anyone have any pointers on where to go? I hear weather just went crazy, but I'm hoping for good news. Attached are a few pix of my fishing trips both in Georgia and South Carolina..

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  2. Thats a monster! Ive been wanting a brown like that for a long time. If youve got a pontoon go fish Pass Lake. Ive been doing well there recently. By the way im in 16th CAB so if you ever want to link up and fish give me a holler.
  3. In addition to Pass, Munn Lake in Tumwater is open for C&R, pontoon boat or pram advised. For moving trout water, you could try the Yakima or even farther east at Rocky Ford. The little D (Deschutes) is probably too high. You might also think about moving water with added salt: searun cutts and resident silvers. There are several beaches in the south sound that are worth exploring as are the beaches along Hood Canal (and they don't blow out in high flows or strand you at Snoqualmie Pass).

  4. Decent rezzie fishing in south sound
    Good luck
  5. ANYONE BEEN TO MUNN LAKE RECENTLY? Thinking of going tomorrow.... Who's with me?? LOL
  6. I'll go with you. Pm me the plan. There are a few other good options if you are willing.

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