Competition Tungsten Jig Nymph Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Ok so ive been having a ton of fun and great success tying and fishing these flies. So..Id like to host a swap. I would like to do a total of 11 people so each person gets 10 flies. These flies are outstanding when fished as the anchor. Usually I use a tungsten bead for this reason.90% of the time I hook the fish firmly in the nose. Cant beat that! Because of the rules most of the participants will need to go to their local fly shop or order online. If we dont get enough people to contribute we may just make it 2 flies per person so if only a handful tie we will still trade a good amount of flies. Heres the rules.

    - Flies must be tied on competition barbless jig hooks
    -Flies must be tied with tungsten beads. Preferably slotted but depending on the bead some still work
    -Tier must include self addressed envelope and prepaid postage. No cash please.
    - Im thinking June 1st will be the due date for the flies. This gives people a chance to aquire materials.

    Here is a couple pictures of a jigged nymph as an example

    1. Thomas Williams
    2.Steve Saville
    3.Jeff Dodd
    4. IraFly
    5. Nick Clayton
    6.Chad Lewis

  2. Hey Thomas
    I like the jig nymph fly swap idea.

    Can you post a link to a hook that is competition jig hook?
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  4. You want in Jeff?
  5. pretty sure Avid Angler is carrying them
  6. There are quite a few shops that carry all items. They are fairly easy to track down.
  7. i'm in

    fyi: allen is out of stock on the size 8, 10 & 12 hooks

    seek alternate supplier for those sizes
  8. do you need slotted beads to fit on hooks?
  9. Yes

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  10. Yes, I would like in Thomas. Going to order some hooks anyway, so this is a good excuse to not wait!
  11. I think so as well. I may stop it at 7 so we all get a dozen. 2 of each.

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  12. I've decided on my fly. I didn't name it but its really nice I think. Here....
  13. This one doesnt have the slotted bead but the swap flies will.

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  14. Things been pretty crazy in my world lately, so I haven't been around much lately, but if there is room I'd love to get down with this swap. I've tied up so many flies on these hooks in the past 6 months I really don't even need to tie any for this swap.....But of course I will.
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  15. Sounds good Nick. I am gonna close this swap once we get 2 more people due to the rules and material needs. We will then tie 2 flies per person.

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  16. Come on we need a few more tiers!

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  17. We keep getting bought out just about as fast as we can crank them out! Should be more back in stock soon. we are ramping up production on the jig hooks because they've been way more popular than we anticipated.

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