Competition Tungsten Jig Nymph Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. You guys are out of the barbless nymph hooks too and I NEED THEM!
  2. workin hard on it. our hooks went waaaay up in popularity the past few months. we're working on recovering from the sudden spike. been having several commercial tiers come in and buy thousands of packs at a time, so it's been crazy trying to see that coming and keep up. should all be smoothed out soon. sorry 'bout all that.
  3. Okay. I'm in for the swap. I've picked 2 different patterns. I have some hooks coming in size 14 and 16 and some beads as well. I got the hooks from Allen before they sold out and the beads from They have hooks as well but they are way expensive compared to Allen. Hopefully the stuff will be here soon so I can crank them out but it appears we have pelnty of time.
  4. Sounds good Steve. Im thinking we should close the swap with you being the final member and each of us tying 2 flies per person? Thoughts guys?

  5. I tried to tell you at the fly show. Hmm there must be someone out there advertising these hooks and or speaking at fly clubs and speaking about their power. Or it's that dang czech thing, either way they are dang fine hooks.
  6. This idea works for me, but I'm more interested in people tying two of the same pattern than I am in receiving two different patterns. That way I can keep one as a master and fish the other or I have two to fish :)

    I will likely tie two of my red squirrel strip nymphs/leeches that work great in lakes and rivers. I've landed steelhead, trout, white fish, perch, crappie, bass, blue gill, and a king on it.
  7. We lost a member of the swap so.... Well if no one else joins by Monday I guess its 3 flies per. This swap shall not die!!

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  8. I'll get in on this one. Learning a new style of fly would be cool. Plus, I have the perfect river to try out some new patterns on a certain Saturday in June!
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  9. Ok Chad your in. If we do not get another member by tomoro Im gonna close the swap and it will just be us.
  10. So I guess we would be back to two flies per. Is that correct? I learned something yesterday as I tied my first fly on the jig hook. You have to tie everything upside down if the fly has a shuck. Interesting. It wasn't all that good so I'll need the time to practice. The first fly is going to be cut off and done again, a few times, I'm sure of it.
  11. You nailed it, the shuck sucks but is doable. I solved the problem while tying Rickards stillwater nymph patterns for lakes.
  12. Ok swap is closed. 2 flies person so 10 total. Let's make the deadline June 1st and if I get them early ill send em. Looking forward to these flies! I haven't fully committed to a fly yet I've tied quite a few awesome ones recently.

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  13. Got most of mine done last night. I'm tying two patterns.... One is just my old standby leech pattern tied on a jig hook with the bead, the other is similar to a pumpkinhead in colors and design. Trying to stay away from what I think Ira may be tying....

    I'm so stoked to see what you guys come up with. Great swap idea.
  14. Don't get your hopes too high.:)
  15. here are mine P7250651.JPG

    oh crap I forgot swap is closed
  16. Kelvin nice ties. Did I forget to add you to the list?

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  17. no I missed the swap

    but have been tying alot of these lately
  18. Allen Fly Fishing now has slotted tungsten beads! Just placed an order tonight. Get them before the commercial tiers buy 'um all!
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  19. All done. Not very good pics. Tied the orange headed ones on my new Barracuda tonight using some hackling tips BigE was kind enough to share with me last night. I am really happy with them. Far from perfect but much improved efforts for myself. 2013-05-01_21-51-13_342.jpg 2013-05-01_21-54-19_801.jpg 2013-05-01_21-55-16_934.jpg
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  20. Please send flies to

    Thomas Williams
    13503 97th ave E
    Unit #301
    Puyallup, Wa 98373

    Please include a prepaid envelope with postage. Please don't send money. Last time it was a pain and I got shorted about 10$. Heck the guy from Canada put 1.50 in there for me.,Cost 8$ tonsil it back. So please take Cate of that on your end

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