Competition Tungsten Jig Nymph Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Ordered hooks and beads from Allen today. I'll probably tie on a size 14 hook. Don't know what pattern yet..... really looking forward to this one!
  2. Halfway there. I was gonna do ten of one pattern but looks like everyone is doing two. I'm gonna cook another up right now!

  3. Thomas really nice pattern
  4. I'm all done with my 10, but watching Hans' video post on the Royal Lightning Bug has inspired me, so I hope nobody minds but I'm including an extra pattern with mine. Just thought that it looked like a cool fly to tie on a jig hook.
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  5. Sure, I'm gonna include an extra as well. I've got a ton of hooks and beads.

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  6. Hooks and beads should be here in a day or two. I think I'm gonna tie a classic, Dave Whitlock's Fox Squirrel Nymph. Might add some rubber legs though.....
  7. I have a complete set and didn't like the second so l am redoing them. Three left to redo. One is a hot spot pheasant tail, the other a green emerger.
  8. Cant go wrong with hot spots. I use them in almost every nymph pattern I tie
  9. Okay, so what's up? Is everyone doing two complete patterns, meaning twenty flies? I don't mind, just wanna keep up with the Jones'.
  10. No, since there are only 6 participants and receiving 5 flies is hardly worth the swap I decided to make the quota 2 flies for each person so a total of ten. Instead of tying 10 of the same pattern some of us opted to tie 2 different patterns, 5 of each. Whether you want to do two patterns or one is totally up to you. The amount of flies tied is still 10. I am gonna throw in some extras for everyone just because I feel like it and do not expect the same in return. Deadline is still June 1st and if I get everyones flies early I will mail them out early so if you finish send them my way.
  11. Gotcha'. I'll be looking to do another pattern in addition to the Fox Squirrel Nymph. There'll be a few extra for you Thomas. You know, for the effort....(cheesy movie reference). Hopefully my hooks 'n' beads will be here today and I can get crackin'.
  12. Allen Flyfishing has size 12 and 10 jig hooks in stock. I ordered today and will start tying asap!
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  13. Jeff I bet that #10 would make a mean stonefly for the Yak. ;)

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  14. Thomas, I like the new avatar. Tandems forever!
  15. I'm an aircraft electrician, that's how I roll! :cool:
  16. Very nice. I was a crewchief and rescue swimmer in the Navy, along with being a powerplants/rotor systems mech for most of my career (we were made to become professional "aircrewmen" towards the end of my career). I bagged about 1800 hours in another great tandem, the H-46 Sea Knight, aka God's Chariot. Chinooks are hella cool though.
  17. Mailed mine off today. You should have them by Friday.
  18. Just returned from the post office. Mine are also in the mail
  19. Just returned from the post office. Mine are also in the mail
  20. Sweet deal.

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