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  1. when did they start make a heavier rod then 6wt?
  2. I'm always skeptical of anyone (fly shop, Orvis book, internet, street corner, wherever) that uses the term "best" or tries to tell me what I'm supposed to enjoy doing and the way I'm supposed to enjoy doing it...but that's just me.

    ...not to be confused with "most effective method" or fly...
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  3. Well I would like to meet up at some point this summer if you are just trying to meet some ppl off the forum! I am wanting to hit MT a few times this summer. So if that was part of your meaning Kyle PM and we can tal.
  4. Orvis does have some good books out there. :)
  5. Lots of good advice here --with resultant confusion. A lot of the pleasure of fly fishing, for me, is using tackle that's perfect for the present situation. Unless you have a caddy following you around with a bag of rods (and I've never seen that), sometimes you won't have the optimum tackle, and you'll have to make adjustments.

    Sub-8 foot rods belong on smaller streams. Last year I was fishing down the little Twisp River, doing just fine with a 7 1/2' 4-weight. I could roll cast two nymphs across the stream. For weights, 3-weight is the lightest I use, except an occasional situation with a 2-weight: knee-deep, gin-clear water under bright sunshine. I love 8 1/2' 4- and 5-weights for general stream fishing. A 9' or 9 1/2' 6- or 7-weight for big trout in bigger streams.

  6. can't argue with that...I started out reading up on those and the LL Bean ones, etc...

    once you figure out what works the best for YOU though, you'll know exactly what I mean...

    It's kind of like when you see a post on here (or anywhere for that matter) asking what the best 5wt is? The first ten responses will give you ten different answers...individual differences, part of what makes it an interesting sport. Different approaches to the same question all of which are right.

  7. Agreed, most people when i asked what to start with pointed me to the redington classic trout series, good rod, :) i read like 45 books on fishing and cant get enough yet i could never understand till the post on the fly line and weights of the rods. most people say in books get a 7 to 8.5 and be done with it.

    as for small streams never fished one yet, i only got a creek and a ton of lakes where i am at, i can get to the yakima river and wenatchee river.

    as for fly rods i have noticed it seems 0-1 wt rods is mostly from orvis.
  8. 7 weight for everything? Maybe with an old fiberglass rod, way less powerful than a modern graphite 7wt.
    A 5 weight is a good only rod for a trout fisherman. In my experience a 5 does everything good enough.
    Check you regulations for the Wenatchee, pretty sure they are protecting some fish up there.
  9. I personally like a 6 wt for an all purpose rod.

    You have the ability to throw dry flies, nymph rigs, fish lakes, throw streamers (not half chickens or heavy ones but it will still work) and if the wind picks up that certainly helps.

    However I am considering a 5wt GVX for a true Trout rod. I will probably keep that baby away from boats, car doors, tree branches, etc...should I pick one up at some point.
  10. I am getting an 8'6" 6wt fiberglass for my all around fly fishing needs. Can't wait. And just got a bamboo 7' 4wt for small streams.
  11. if i was going to be using a 3wt,and 4wt it might be a 9 footer, reason for it like i said is i dont have but lakes and and rocky ford around here.

    anyone have any preticular brands they prefur for fly rods?

  12. GVX by winston? i been pondering the 5 or 6 wt passport or something from the leland fly fishing shop line possibly.

  13. Was the bamboo exspensive if i may ask?

  14. The GVX is a Winston, and about twice the price of a Passport.

    The Passport is a good rod, but I just love the green blank that winston has on the GVX and up.
    Oh and the GVX is made in the states.
  15. I want a winston wt trout myself, just the name trout alone sings too me.
  16. Akuriko, If you look around you can find good deals. I found someone that was making a 2wt 7'2" bamboo, and was able to get it for 300.00. I have found a used Quad. 7' 4wt in the 300.00 range. There are a lot of used ones that are great shape and price on other sites. Don't know where you are but if you look on the post here in bamboo there is going to be a gathering in Seattle area on the 26th of this month for bamboo lovers and any one interested in it. Hope this helps. If you have any more question you can P.M me and I will get back to you.
  17. I'm about 3.5 hours from Seattle, I'm near rocky ford creek.
  18. I own 2 GVX and they are great rods!! So if you have the money this would not be a bad rod to get!!! I love them!
  19. Any Winston rods i bet are good for the money.

  20. I been curious so the maximum fly rod a person should use from your cool chart is wt 10 for salmon? does that include full steelhead too on wt 10 or do you need a wt 11 or 12?

    also just curious i heard there is size 15 and orvis sells size 16, what is a size 16 for fish wise?

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