Construction Of The Tying/gear Shed Has Started.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Walker, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. No skylights. Overhead storage above the 8' mark I'm thinking.
  2. Your really moving forward now. If you keep this pace, you'll be tying your first fly by the end of this month. Nice job. Really. Are you going to insulate the walls and possibly the ceiling inside also?
  3. End of the month is very doubtful as this is being done when time and weather allows.
    Walls/ceiling will be insulated. Might put in one of those aluminum drop down attic ladders to access the overhead. Still mulling things over in my head. Trying not to get carried away with it.
  4. Should be room for a 62" big screen TV and a couple of lazy boy recliners.

    Mark, looks good!
  5. Get carried away man. If this is the house your going to be in until the "Big Sleep" I say why not? And it will give you access to much needed storage space. I bought my house 7yrs ago and in the process(slow mind you) but, in the process of stripping all the paint off all the woodwork in the house so that I don't have like 5 or 6, maybe more layers of paint and it looks so much nicer than just painting over everything. Is it overboard, to some maybe but, I will die in this house so why not? Why not an attic ladder. Think about it. What's $300 in the scheme of life?
  6. I have to get a 500# safe, 2 tying desks, chair, 2 7'x3' oak bookcases, blueprint and file cabinets, misc. storage boxes, and it goes without saying, a kick ass oak/granite topped bar with back mirror in here. Verizon Fios for the TV/internet is a done deal.
    Recliner space may be a problem......hooks for a hammock, maybe.
  7. Hot tub? Guest room?
  8. Little disappointed in the height, looks like you have another foot of clearance to the power line, that extra 6" might help get a spey rod in there.
  9. I suggest rigid insulation between the rafters, cover the insulation with either a cool heavy fabric, 1/4 " ply or rock. Skylights or at least a solar tubed skylight will make all the difference in lighting you space. I've been building for 100 years and the skylights are one of the biggest improvement you can make on your space. I have built very nice hanging wire/plastic storage bin area's that would work in your ceiling detail. One idea that has worked for me is hanging 4x4 galv livestock panels cut to size from your ceiling.

  10. Gregg..
    The ceiling will be 2x4 studs with 1/2" drywall on the down side and 1/4" or 1/2" something or other on the upper attic loor. May use foam panels or fiberglass for insulation. Have to price it out.
    A skylight has no use as the ceiling is closed off. Counting the window in the door and 3 other windows, there should be plenty of light.

    Never put your spey rods together in the house. Next to bamboo and glass, they are the favorite food of ceiling fans!
  11. Your ceiling need's to be at least a 2X6 rafter, 16" on center. The 8 foot span will be to much for just a 2x4's. If you hang sheetrock on the lid then stack ply on top, the 2x4's will sag especially if you stow things on top.
  12. My error , Greg. 2x6 is what I meant to say off the ledger.

    Overhang went up Thurs.
    1shed20.jpg 1shed21.jpg
  13. 1shed22.jpg 1shed23.jpg 1shed24.jpg 1shed25.jpg 1shed26.jpg 1shed27.jpg Saturday's progress.
    Finally, roof buttoned!
    Last pic for Bitterroot...................
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  14. Mark, its looking good! You're in the home stretch! I'm still pushing for the big screen TV and a couple of lazy boy recliners.
  15. Thanks, Steve. Still a long way to go though......
    Metal for the roof, ceiling, sub floor, hardwood flooring, pull electrical/lighting, drywall, interior/exterior paint, so on and so forth. Already have the windows/door & hardware.
    So far, it looks like I'm squeaking in just a hair under what I budgeted the exterior for.
  16. What's a PERMIT?
  17. Hey, what are you doing letting a girl in the clubhouse!!!!!!:mad:

    Lookin' great, Mark! This Bud Light's for you!!!
  18. A lot less expensive than the fine.................
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  19. Peaks buttoned up and sheet metal for the roof ordered today. Pick it up tomorrow morning. 1shed28.jpg
  20. Sheet metal roofs are great, what with all the snow you get! WTF?

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