Construction Of The Tying/gear Shed Has Started.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Walker, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. That's how it always goes. I'm sure you'll be very happy with the end product though. What changes would you have made?
  2. Look'n good Mark! I still think you're going to need a big screen TV to watch fly tying videos.
  3. Giving the dimensions of some of the cabinets/cases, I would have used windows a bit smaller and perhaps repositioned the door to save usable space.
  4. Looks absolutely wonderful to me, Mark. You did a fine job!
  5. Thanks, JIm.
    I'm looking forward to finishing it. It'll be a while though. Time and $$!
  6. Progressing along as time allows.
    Ceiling/attic access finished. One good lesson...make sure you put the 4x8 sheets above the rafters BEFORE they are all set in place! I ALMOST screwed up here until a friend brought this brilliant fact to my attention.
    Got a great deal on 6 6" (shallow) IC light cans INCLUDING decorative rings/inserts off eBay for about $73 with UPS 1 day shipping.
    2 major home improvment stores here wanted $16-$18 each, plus another $7-$9 for the inserts/finish rings + tax.. One store told me there was no such thing as a IC shallow can! "IC" means insulation can come in contact with the can, "Non IC" cans have to have a 4" space between the can and insulation.
    My savings was about 50% buying of eBay.
    Hoping to finish the electrical Monday. Insulation and dry wall up next.

    1shed35.jpg 1shed36.jpg
  7. Electrical roughed in and passed city inspection on Tuesday. Have a total of 11 wall outlets inside, two in the overhead and one exterior.
    6 ceiling lights are on a dimmer switch and separate switch for 2 attic lights.
    Picked up the stack of R19 insulation batts for 2x6 ceiling studs for a mere $20 from Home Depot...all open bag pieces! BIG savings!
    1shed37.jpg 1shed38.jpg
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  8. OK, Mark, now I'm confused; it's southern California, right? What's the insulation for??:D Hell of a job, sir!
  9. It keeps the cool air in:D
  10. Looking real nice Mark!

  11. When can I move in?
  12. You are welcome here any time, friend!:)
  13. Mark,

    This thread has been very interesting to watch, thanks for the journey.
  14. How is it looking now?
  15. Been stymied trying to get fiber optics from the house to the shed.
    Hopefully, Verizon will get it done tomorrow.
    Been suffering with "shingles" so it really holds me back.
    Outside trim is finished and the thru-wall AC has been installed.

    Lots of counter-sinking nails, caulking, etc. before painting.
    With the fiber optics in, I can finish the insulation and get to the drywall.
    Best to all!
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  17. Error with above pics.
    2nd try...... 1shed40.jpg 1shed42.jpg
  18. Nicely done Mark!! That is going to be a really nice place to get away for a little bit. Congrats.
  19. Mark, You have taken "Man Cave" to an entirely new level. Looking great!
  20. Thank you, gentlemen!
    Not looking forward to the drywall:(

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