Construction Of The Tying/gear Shed Has Started.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Walker, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. David Dalan

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    Thats pure, deep-fried awesome.
  2. Mark Walker

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  3. Mark Walker

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    Error occurring and can't seem to delete.
    Will try again later....
  4. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    Give it another shot....
    Final city inspection today.
    Then cement board on the sub floor, paint, red mahogany wood flooring, and baseboards/trim.
    Hope to start moving in soon!
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  5. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    1shed47.jpg 1shed48.jpg 1shed49.jpg Paint, flooring, baseboards. and door trim finally finished. Mounted a new Samsung 32" Smart TV and corner shelf. Still have to hide some wires.
    Moved a few things in today.
    Getting there.
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  6. GAT

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    Jumping up and down Martha! The Holy Grail of Man Caves!
  7. Dipnet

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    At least when the family realizes you're MIA, they'll know where to find ya!!! :)
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Nice. I'm still working on my mancave. Mine was already here though. It's an old bunkhouse. I'm in process of picking up the flooring. Then it's all downhill from there. :)
  9. Jim Ficklin

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    Mark, If you ever need another tax deduction I'm available for adoption . . . very nice indeed.
  10. Very very nice. Is the TV blocking the AC?
  11. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    TV was put there to help hide the electrical panel and conserve wall space. It will actually sit flat on either wall with the mounting system I used.
    The AC works great (you could hang meat in here) and there cool air helps prolong the life of the monitor by keeping it cool.
  12. Steve Saville

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    I actually wondered what was happening with the space. Looks like you have it well in hand. Congratulations! I wish I had a space like that to retreat to, sometimes.
  13. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    Added an important feature this morning.........
  14. Dave Evans

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    I've been following this thread and get amazed each time I logon and see what is new. I thought remodeling my TV/fly tying room this summer was work, but it is nothing compared to what you have accomplished. Did you do your own woodwork for the furniture and such? Very nice!
  15. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    The only thing I did was spruce up the glider/rocker. I picked it up the local Goodwill for $15. Did a bit of sanding followed by a water based "golden oak" polyurethane finish.
    The cushions were originally a tan fabric that I replaced with the "fly" fishing fabric I found on eBay. I paid a friend of mine that has an upholstery shop to re-upholstered them for me.
    I think it came out great, not to mention it's extremely comfy!

    The oak bar with marble top, oak mirror with liquor rail, and 2 bookcases were individual Craigslist robberies. :D
  16. Alex MacDonald

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  17. dryflylarry

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    Looks great Mark! Good job.
  18. Mark Walker

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    Appreciate everyone's comments on this.
  19. Irafly

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    For some stupid reason I've ignored this post, but in a way I'm glad I did that way I could watch the progress and not have to wait. Thank you Mark for taking us on this journey. I love people who have a "getter done" kind of attitude and then the ability to make it happen. Good on you man.
  20. Jim Ficklin

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    A fine dog who curls-up at your feet as you craft flies is the only remaining accessory remaining . . .