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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chief, May 17, 2013.

  1. I have the following reel that I no longer use, and rather than sell it I would prefer to give it to some deserving person on WFF. Here is the description:

    STH DDR 1.5 - This is a cast reel made in Argentina. The casettes are plastic and screw into the spool. I have a reel and 2 extra casettes. Two of the casettes have line on them. One is loaded with a Cortland 4wt intermediate sink (turquoise color, not clear), and the other has a Cortland 4wt sink tip. The lines are pretty old, but haven't seen a lot of use. The third cassette has backing but no line.

    So here's the deal. The person who gives me the best reason, or story, as to why they deserve this reel will win it free of charge. Contest ends May 25th. Comments/votes from other members will influence my decision.

    I hope we all have some fun with this.
  2. I think you should give it to some old geezer who has too much gear already. I like those reels but I'm not deserving. Congrats for deciding to find a person in need.
  3. My votes for donating to a great cause like Project Healing Waters.
  4. Ditto

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  5. Yup.

  6. Signed
  7. Project Healing Waters!
  8. I was thinking of a fantastic, highly unlikely and largely made-up story to tell until I scrolled down and read the other votes. :D Project Healing Waters shall have my backing as well!
  9. I'm all for finding a deserving person akin to what chief had in mind. I'm all for the Healing Waters but the reel might be better served going to a needy/deserving person not associated with Healing Waters.
  10. I think you should give it to me.

    I have a 5wt rod that would probably go pretty good on.

    Then I'd give the outfit to PHW.
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  11. I sent PHW a box with about 10 of my old reels, matching spools, several lines, and other misc stuff earlier this year. I was just trying to have some fun with this one.......
  12. I agree with you on this one. Charities don't need all your junk. Your free to do with your junk what you want to do with it. Not that cassette reels are junk. It's just a figure of speech.

  13. JFC!
  14. I don't know what these initials are but I think I can guess it pretty easy.
  15. I could really use a reel for my pole. I currently have a reel from my intro to flyfishing pole from ebay. Most of my money goes to my boy ( 1 1/2 years old now) so my upgrades have been hard to come by. But even with my sob story i think you should look at if some charity would want it. If not I'm here. :)

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