Controlling tinsel

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dave Evans, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. This question came up on another forum. I posted what someone showed me this several years ago, idea is definitely not mine. I cut 5/8" binder combs from office depot to length and they work like a charm. Someone was very clever when they thought of this. You can also use a single for the small silk. I bought a pack of 25 combs and that is a lifetime supply.

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  2. I like this idea. There's only so many small rubber bands to use.
  3. I recently came across this product from Spirit River. I presume it is normally used for wire bundles but it does a great job of controlling IMG_0700.JPG any spooled materials.
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  4. if its not already there, i just add a slit in the rim of the spool with a utility knife. free
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  5. I use either a slit in the rim or a plastic button that fits in the end of the spool. I have found that other methods can fray your floss and crinkle your tinsel.

  6. I always used little carburetor springs, lol

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