Corned Beef

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  1. Bought a beautiful beef brisket flat yesterday and have it brining in the fridge as we speak. In 5 days I shall have my first home cured corned beef. Yes! :)
  2. I love to make corned beef. In the warm weather I'll even go a bit further and smoke up a pastrami. There is no comparison between deli case pastrami and home made.
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  3. Oh my God, Patrick! That looks delicious!
    What smoker temp. on your pastrami?
  4. I use a regular Webber kettle and it's been a while since I've used a thermometer. I generally just feel the outside of the dome and regulate the coals as needed. For a small piece of meat like this one I just try and keep it low, probably 220-250. I'll let it smoke for a while over hickory or oak and then finish in the oven.
  5. I gotta go find a Rueben.
  6. Patrick--
    Can you/would you consider sharing your pastrami spice recipe... I know there are a bunch of different ones around, but first hand knowledge is always a good thing...

  7. ditto on what Dave said.
  8. Patrick,
    That looks great. I love corn beef but I'd rather have a Rueben with Pastrami all day.
  9. Here's a secret, don't tell nobody, keep it just between us....

    Use goose breasts instead of beef. Make corned goose, goostrami, eventually gooben sandwiches.

    Best ever. But remember, it's a secret.
  10. Nothing to add to the DIY, (except to try Red Flannel hash if you like beets) but I will share a couple of places to get a killer CB or Reuben in the big smoke.
    Market House Meats @ 1124 Howell Street Seattle has been supplying most local restauraunts with quality corned beef for the last 1/2 a century. They now have a deli too, to serve sandwiches or whole CB.
    Shite sound, but you get this jist:

    The Square Knot in Georgetown is a newer 24 hr diner, and they serve a bad ass Reuben as well, using MHM product. The SK had the same owner as the 9Lb, and it's right next door.
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  11. I've eaten at Market House many times and it lives up to it's rep. Thumbs up!!!
  12. I can't remember the exact recipe I use for the spices and cure. I started out with a recipe from Steven Raichlen's Barbeque Bible, but after making it a few times I got a feel for it and adjust based on what I think might taste good. It looks like Raichlen now sells a packet of the spices on the web so you could go for that and expect great results.

    Pastrami is easier to cook than a regular brisket. The brine solution that cures the meat also seems to keep it juicy, so you can use a smaller cut and still not worry about it drying out.
  13. Holy crap that sandwich looks good.
  14. I agree. All the good things about barbeque and deli in one meat.
  15. Works with Duck too. (also a secret so don't tell anyone)
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  16. If you get a Rueben from the Square Knot they'll also make you a 9lb Porter milk shake to go with it...
  17. Today is the day the brisket comes out of the brine. Tonight...corned beef & sauerkraut w/ Russian dressing on rye.
    Not a bad way to start out a new year!
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  18. Oh.....My.....God..... This turned out spectacular!
  19. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the difference between Corned Beef & Pastrami?
  20. Pastrami is smoked corned beef.

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