Corned Beef

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  1. Thanks, I thought as much but wanted to confirm. I've been brining turkeys for the last couple years and won't do it any other way now.
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    Costco carrys their boneless short ribs (same as plate w/o bones) vacuum packed...I think their price was $2.09 at the Fife business center... they work great! I've got both shorts and brisket in the brine now... We're headed for SR pastrami about Feb 1...!
  3. Gary Knowels

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    Thanks Dave! I'll look into that. I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to cured, brined, and/or smoked meats. I can't wait to get some made up.

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  4. bitterroot

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    Just put some boneless short ribs in the brine...pastrami on the way!
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  7. Nice link, thanks.

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