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    Hook: Partridge Salar double, gold #4
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Flash: Krystal Flash, copper
    Wing: Grey Fox - sparse
    Hackle 1: Cock saddle, dyed hot orange
    Hackle 2: Cock saddle, dyed black

    Hans W
  2. Why the double point hook? I've never quite figured out where they fit into flyfishing. They are not legal to use in flyfishing only fisheries in Oregon.
  3. Gene,

    Feel free to replicate on a single hook :cool:

    The double hook design rides more stable, and they are popular in those parts of the globe where these hooks are allowed.

    Hans W
  4. The black and orange are OSU Beaver colors.... I couldn't use the pattern anywhere around U of O Duck fans. :)

    I'd have to do some searching to find an outlet for Partridge Hooks. Harline carried them for a while but dropped them when Mustad bought out the company. Are they still made at Partridge of Redditch?

    I miss Alan Bramley's yearly April Fools joke.
  5. The production moved to the Far East years back. First to Malaysia, and then to a huge Mustad plant in China.

    Mustad then sold off Partridge to a party out of the UK, but to the best of my knowledge the Partridge hooks today still come out of the Mustad China plant.

    Me too.

    Hans W
  6. No wonder I can't find them. They've been playing musical owners.

    The yearly April Fools Joke....

    Bramley owned Partridge of Redditch Hooks and it was basically a cottage industry. The hooks were touched by more human hands than any other on the market.

    If you were on the list, each year you'd receive a "new hook" and press release in regards to the hook. The thing is... the hook was always something absolutely insane... like a shaft with two eyes... a straight shaft with no eyes... things like that. It took me awhile to catch on because the letter from Alan looked 100 percent legit. No where did he give any indication he wasn't serious.

    Then it occurred to me... I'd normally receive the "new hook" and the press release just before or just after April First.

    I checked with others in the fly tying writing biz and sure enough, they too received the yearly April Fools hook.

    Anyone who would go to the trouble to manufacture fake hooks and send them out as an April Fools joke is tops in my book! I wish he wouldn't have sold Partridge.
  7. Gene, from what iv'e heard/read, the double hooks are heavier and get down in places where sinktips/weighted flies aren't allowed. i know in alot of atlantic salmon rivers those hooks are popular.
  8. Gene,

    Alan suffered a stroke which affected him quite profoundly, both physically and mentally, and which forced him to sell off the company. There was little choice in the matter.

  9. Hans, I didn't know that. Bummer. At one point I was working with him to develop a bass hook and he had a great personality.

    He didn't go with my designs but instead went with an unknown guy by the name of Dave Whitlock. :)

    I suggested they incorporate a double kink in the hook shank for hard body poppers but I think they wanted to stay with the straight shank and did. ... at least they used heavier wire than Mustad stinger hooks so they were an improvement over the Mustads. ...but the bass hooks would have been much, much better if they went with my design:D

    That's sad news in regards to Alan. But it explains a lot.

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