Cortland Line cleaner - with 'Flote Cote'

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  1. Remember those little ziploc bags, that had those little round felt pads soaked it that yellow, pasty, stuff?

    I'd like tp find where to buy some, but all my Google searches have left me "wanting".

    Anyone know who sells it? Or did they find out that stuff made your fingers fall off. <- Cause that stuff was good! Well, I liked it anyway.
  2. Funny you should mention line cleaner. My one brother-in-law (when he was little) got one of the formula books for making most everything. One formula in there was fly line cleaner. He got little tins (like the line cleaner came in), cut some felt pads and filled the tins up with his "blend). This was about 1980 and I guess he gave me a life time supply as I still have some.

    Warm weather and auto dashboards are its enemy.
  3. I found a "tin" of Mucilin fly line cleaner at a store this last fall. It's not like the tins of the 60's and 70's but it still comes in red and green cans.
  4. I use the pad and shit from Sci/anglers. A old wash rag works.
  5. Did you try the phone number?

  6. Why, so I can talk to someone in India? :p
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  7. Maybe you could get a curry recipe out of it. :)
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  8. Here's what I use for my dry lines! Cortland pad, loon dressing "after washing the line"
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  9. I know this is incredibly crass and there are probably 17 reasons not to do it... but I have used ArmorAll for at least 20 years. A little bottle in the vest with a small section of terry cloth rag. Works great on floating lines. Probably not esoteric for some but it has worked great for me. enjoy in good health.
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  10. One could possibly rub it down with herring oil. The fly line of course.

  11. I've used the same for years as well, but I found an old pad of the Cortland stuff. It just seemed to last longer on the line, than the Armor All did.

    Mark, I think that's what's in the Loon bottle (A.A). They have a thickener in theirs, but the main chemical is the same. I had one a while back, and there was little difference - like I said though, not entirely sure. Maybe I'll give it another try. It was over 10 yrs ago...

    There was one out there in the early 90's, that liquid was a light blue. I used it to clean my intermediate line... never sank again! I took that line home and cleaned it with soap. The next trip out, it still had very small sections that didn't want to sink. I think it had "Mountain" in the name. Wish I could find that stuff now!
  12. I use the Loon sink fast on intermediates to change the sink rate to my liking, and also make the tip sink as fast or faster than the body or middle of the line. I don't like how intermediate lines body will sink first bringing fly line through the fish before the weighted fly. be careful the stuff really works.

    flies 009.jpg
  13. Clearly Cortland still has it. I recently purchased some "peach" lines that came with flat plastic containers with cleaning pad inside.
  14. Armour-All has always been one of my favourites. After soaking and drying the line to sort of half ass clean it, I use AA and then polish it off with a microfiber cloth. The shootability and floatiness is amazing after.
  15. Another old school guy.............armour-all.
  16. Dave -- just buy a new Cortland fly line when you need some... the good folks at Cortland will love ya for it :D
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  17. Apparently they no longer sell the three-pacs in the ziploc bag. But they do sell the two pad containers in round plastic " tin". Have read that the pads are thinner and its possible the formula has changed. Twenty bucks on Amazon. Or you might try They have six packs (12 pads) for $7.95.

  18. I've used those, and they are a rip off! They are thinner, and they have one little dab of goo between the two pads. :mad:

    Those original ones you mentioned, are what I was after... :(

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