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  1. Well, I hate to ask here but I'm moving out of Bellingham, in April, and not sure where I'll end up. It's just me and my Lab and I've been in WA state 3 yrs and have yet to make it over to the OP to fish these great rivers. I was thinking of moving to Lacey, or in the area but not so sure the duck hunting would be good for me at Nisquilly refuge since I no longer have my boat. I could drive down to the Cowlitz and have some great steelhead fishing at blue creek. I have the mariners games, but the o peninsula with the Hoe and Sol-duc...just looking at pictures of those rivers is what I call, as rugged and beautiful as steelhead fishing can get. I haven't read any books on the OP rivers but have been fly fishing off and on for 30 yrs. I tapped into the kalama, for a summer when I was living down in Longview, but I'm also thinking of moving to Forks.

    If anyone who lives near forks, or fishes these great waters, can you let me know what you think of them? Send IM, if you want. Finding a year round rental in forks, would be another factor why I want to live over there. I'm sick of apt. living. Finding a decent quiet place on the coast might fit well for me! I don't think I would find more rugged beauty than that of the rainy op. it seems like it couldn't get much better than that. Can someone tell me what has been the usual with the regs in that area? Can we fish at least 7 months a year? C&R Thanks
  2. Just exactly how well do you like rain?

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  3. :)

    I'd go to Olympia a couple times a year to visit Virginia's Grandmother... it's the only city I've seen with moss growing on the moss...:D
  4. I recommend standing in the shower for long periods of time and trying to read a newspaper. That should be a good approximation of the OP in the winter.
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  5. Also, you might want to consider the @#$%*& wind out here on the coast. I am a professed contrarian, hate big cities, avoid any crowded venues (except for my local surf break on weekends, when the surf is primo), don't mind a little sun now and then, but prefer a thick overcast, and maybe a little fog.
    You don't want to get into trying to fight the moss out here. I actually let it take over. I do occasionally scrub it off my vehicles, though. (I think it hurts my fuel economy).
  6. I'd do it if I could swing it.
  7. That would be one of my top few choices in Washington. If you are afraid of a little rain, you have no business being a steelheader.

  8. A little rain ? ! :)

    In Bellingham, average annual rainfall is 34 inches. In Forks, they Forgot how to measure in inches decades ago. They average over 10 feet of rain a year, and can get as much as 13 feet.

    The west coast of the OP is in another league rainfall-wise.

    For a lot of reasons, that makes it an awesome place to: visit.

  9. i'll take being an hour away from forks and seeing under 30" of rain a year... it is actually nice coming home to sunshine after a day in the rain fishing.
  10. Port Angeles could be another option. More in the way of jobs and housing, and it's about an hour and change from Forks.
  11. I agree...
  12. Port Angeles is the last edge of civilization. Anything west of that is wilderness.
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  13. As someone who recently moved to the Peninsula from B'ham, I can tell you that there are some incredible plus sides and down sides. Neither of them are what you will expect. I live in Neah Bay, and a ridiculous plus side is that when I am finished working for the day I can take my dog to a beach with no one on it...literally, no one is at the beach, just seals, sea lions, elk on the way to beach, eagles...This was something that didn't initially attract me to the area (I was attracted to steelhead) but has become my major form of entertainment. One thing that does get old is all of the driving. If I don't want velveeta and wonderbread for dinner I have to drive almost two hours to PA...serious bummer. You would have it a little better in Forks with the thriftway there, but everything is selling at "Well hell, we had to haul all this crap all the way the f*$! out here" prices. Include the cost of a massive chest freezer in your moving expenses, be prepared to spend a crap-ton on gas, and be ready to experience absolute splendor...I mean it, it's amazing here...and the fishing can be alright.
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  14. Clarkston WA, better amenities, nearly your round steelheading and fish up to 20 pounds. 100,000 adult steelhead pass by most years. probably where I will retire to :)
  15. Nothing like a steelhead 7 months from salt....
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  16. Yessir! You gotta let them cure a bit :)
  17. BTW, this is a joke... If you live local and this is your opportunity for steelhead, then great :)
  18. 'eh, I like ya's all replies. it was soothing ;) I won't be buying a house but thanks for the port angeles idea. There isn't anything for rent in forks last I looked. I guess i'll visit for a few days like everybody else. Not sure how fast those rivers can clear. Maybe Shelton or elma would be ok. since starting the thread, I have a job interview lined up for Tuesday, of next week down there near Tacoma, so i'm looking at Tacoma or Thurston county.

    Problem is when you read all those apt. reviews it just makes ya sick about living in the city these days. How some of these renters are even allowed to live in some apts. I have no idea, other than the apt. mgrs. probably do drugs themselves and renting to druggie tenants as a way to get their junk.

    Do any of you pack because you live in apts? I sure did when i was in Vancouver. Police cars always coming through. putting up with noise, tweakers, drugs, crime vandalism... If anyone can recommend a good apt. complex under 780.00 for 1 bdrm, please let me know. I'm driving down this tuesday in hopes I can find a good place. Thanks a lot.
  19. Plenty of decent apt's in Olympia area in your price range... Heck you can probably find a little house for that much if you looked hard enough.
  20. Port Angeles or Squiem would seem a good compromise...not sure I believe that rain shadow stuff though.

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