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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by insectgreen, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. No worries man, I have 100% unbunched panties :D
  2. I smell troll
  3. I can highly recommend living in Olympia. You can easily find an apartment or a small house for under $800 near downtown. I recommend living on the Eastside near downtown so you can enjoy every thing Olympia has to offer, and you'll be near some good fishing as well.

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  4. I've been looking in oly, steilecoom, university place, Tacoma, many apts look great but reviews are terrible. I guess i'm gonna have to drive around and pick what looks like a good place to live and hope for the best. I was looking at the crime tracking Raids thing online and I can't get the darn thing to work.

  5. Now there's a shocker for ya!
  6. There's probably too much data on that to be true...
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  7. Good grief, things must be slow for you two since the big event... your having to mine up old posts to occupy your time. Hopefully you'll cook up another "march-on" or "occupy movement" real soon to right the wrongs imposed on you.
  8. A least their trying to do something positive about the current situation on the skagit, you could suck the fun out of a whole amusment park with your additude..
  9. It's something, but whether its positive is open for debate.
  10. well even though I sounded like I was confused on where to live and thinking of the OP, things change, just like I had an interview in Lacey. Why the hostility? Maybe you don't like the idea I mention God, in my profile? you poor thing. Oh yes, I can hear it from you now. "has nothing to do with that, I didn't even look at it" Or is it because I don't use my real name? that must be it too. Being Italian, I can sometimes become intolerant of those making fun.

    or maybe you think im a vulnerable confused person. So what if i'm confused, it's not easy making decisions. Things change. Before I thought about Thurston county, I was actually thinking of sno ho county, but wasn't sure. Guess I shouldn't have asked the question about forks. So, I was lame. everybody now here this. I am lame! So, one day I check out CL, and see a condo in Everett and it has everything I've been looking for. I was actually really looking forward to living in Olympia, or down there nearby but the housing thing wasn't panning out. I'm so sorry.

    this new place, I just was approved. stainless appliances, microwave, nice fireplace, 740 sq ft. 1bdrm, washer dryer, a huge deck with great size storage room at the end. i'm no troll.
  11. I'm glad you found a new abode & i hope you find much happyness there.
  12. Hey man,

    I'm pretty sure that Chris's comment was aimed at Freestoneangler, above, and not you. I'm sure he, like the rest of us, is probably totally happy that you were able to figure this out. Just so you know. Various people who have commented on this thread have had a variety of disagreements over management issues lately, and I think that spilled into this one.

  13. Thanks for pickin me up Jason, you are exactly right. Just pokin a little good natured fun at ol' Freestoned angular
  14. Hope you find what your looking for insectgreen, No offense taken or meant, peace.
  15. Insectgreen,

    Sorry you won't be in Lacey or Oly, but Everett is a good town too, and strategically located. Sounds like you found a good place to live, just don't live there and try to commute to Oly! I-5 is killer!

  16. hey guys, sorry that I was short on humor on my part. Was dealing with too much at the time. All moving done, muscles sore and it's a killer luxury apt. over by Mariner h.s. I'm in the market for a used 8 or 9wt. I had a Gloomis salt water 3 piece with guru 3.5 and rio versa tip and will try to buy it back for $300.00. Once I find a job i'll be ready to walk on gravel :cool:
  17. I'd buy a place AFTER I had a job so I'd know what neighborhood to work in....unless it's Everett Boeing.

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