Could they have been steels?

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  1. I finally got to fish today on the Snoqualmie up from where the south fork joins. At a tempting spot I noticed what looked like several brown torpedo shapes in the current. Weed? Logs? Both seemed unlikely given the speed of the current. They reminded me of what I had seen a few years ago downstream of the Wallace Hatchery. My fishing buddy had pointed to them and I in my ignorance said ‘“what are they”? He replied by catching one and it turned out to be a rather large steelhead! So I decided to wade out towards the torpedo’s because they just couldn’t be big fish. As I got about 6 feet from the nearest torpedo it move sideways further out by a foot or two! I walked back to the car and tooled up with a small selection of steelhead flies. I then proceeded to cast my selection of flies at the torpedo's from all angles other than the optimum one as there was a large tree/bush in the way. I tried going up stream through the jungle to the other side of the tree/bush but the bank there was steep and straight into what looked like deep water. I didn’t want my last glimpse of my wife to be as I drifted downstream to the falls!

    Eventually feeling rather tired I gave up but it was a hard decision to make. The questions are:-

    1. Have I gone mad because of the noise of the helicopter? (see post)

    2. Did I really see fish?

    3. Were they steels?

    4. If the answer to 3 is Yes, how should I have tried to catch them?

    For a full account of the trip and my encounter with the helicopter and the Sherriff please see
    Fishing in WA is so exciting!
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  2. I don't believe you'll find steelhead above snoqualmie falls.
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  3. Jason,
    Thanks for putting me straight, I bet there are chaps laughing their socks off all over the State! If there were steels above the falls that would be some fish ladder.
    Kind regards Alan C
    PS I would still like to know what the Sherriff's helicopter was doing circling all afternoon?
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  4. Suckers?
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  5. What did your friend catch then? It's hard to mistake a rather large steelhead with a similar sized fish in that river.

    The Sheriff was probably taking blooper reels of the steelhead fishermen above the South Fork on the Snoqualmie :)

    Oh, and from your blog, "hell" is not a swear word among fishermen. I have yet to find one except "skunked."

    Good luck during your time here! You will have a blast!
  6. yep, suckers or white fish..

  7. Just a guess but I believe he was probably looking for someone on the run in that area. Which is maybe why the park rangers were hanging out with your wife.

    Also, I have to agree with everyone else. You probably saw a few big suckers.
  8. I heard that new fish latter got completed. Pretty cool they can now make it up there. I hear it is a fishcalator and doesn't tire the steel out. Its perfect now they can daart to my fly quicker
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  9. Not only is the new fish ladder in operation at the falls, fish and wildlife has been putting some Babine strain summer runs in the south fork to help get a run of those oversized summer steelhead established.

    And I have some wonderful river front property for sale in Kuwait.
  10. Is it as good as the salmon fishing in yemen?
  11. Worst movie of ALL TIME
  12. what are you talking about? that dry fly scene in the beginning was pure murder
  13. Killing terrorists with a roll cast? It should've at least been a double haul with an exploding fly in order to make it somewhat realistic.
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  14. God that reference is good. Well played sir.
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