Could West Whidbey still be productive?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by dibling, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. HI all,

    Tomorrow is likely my last day to chase salmon this season and I'm trying to decide where to go. Could West Whidbey still be decent / ok / just good enough to chase some Coho? Or is it too late and I should make a run at some river action? Appreciate any input as this is the first year i've poked at salmon from the beach.

    Super secret public beach locations not required.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Troy
  2. Check the weather report. There will be 25-35 knot SE winds on Sunday. Look for a place that will be sheltered.
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  3. Wow, very good call. Got too used to summer mindset.
  4. I've been getting skunked out there. My friends having been getting skunked as well.

    I have no idea why there are still lots of fish coming out on sekiu according to wdfw creek counts.
  5. My dad and uncle limited on Thursday on coho on the west side of Whidbey, but its been quiet since. We fished yesterday and today - saw a few jumpers, had a few tugs. Dad hooked up about 2 hours ago, but we lost it at the boat. Historically, its not too late. Coho action can be good through october.

    I would be careful if you go out in a boat tomorrow. Forecast is for stormy weather with gusts to 50mph in admiraly inlet. If I go out tomorrow, it probably will be at Bush Point.
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  6. Thanks for the info guys. My dumb arse hadn't even looked at the weather forecasts. Hawks game it is!
  7. I've heard the essentially the same reports as Cutbow82 from a colleague who fishes the west side 3-4x a week.

    Last year the coho were going BANANAS on October 8th off the west side; jupers and finners everywhere. I think we still have a week or two of good fishing, then it will taper.
  8. sekiu almost always has good fishing in late september. last year the fishing was good in the strait almost until the end of october.
  9. We've had a lot more rain in 2013 than in 2012 this summer. Fewer coho are hanging out near the beaches feeding, rather they are rapidly migrating through in small pods now. The beach angler has to put in more time to catch them now.
  10. The few coho we saw rolling and jumping off of west whidbey this weekend are consistent with that. They were moving through pretty rapidly - didn't seem to be interested in chasing flies even though I cast in front of a few fish. Did have one jack (or maybe a res) follow almost up to the boat. There were 6 or 7 other boats fishing near us and we did not see a single net come out.
  11. Based on what I saw throughout the sound last week, you'll need to do as Dimebrite mentioned. Put in some time and you can grind out a few.
    Big rain events like we had in early September can bring bad coho mojo to us beach anglers.
  12. Yeah, it's been slow over our way. It's been a strange year all around. The best fishing was probably early August or there abouts. I'm not sure I saw a single morning where about every rod on the beach was bent like was common last year. I've had to work a lot harder this year and have averaged fewer fish per trip for sure.
  13. Heard a good report from a friend trolling off WW today. The bite is back on and I'm stuck behind a desk all week...

    I have three beach coho to hand for about 15 trips. Last year I averaged nearly one fish per trip. Very different indeed, yet the coho numbers for boaters have been good. Warmer water this year keeping fish in the deeps?
  14. Last year was excellent, but each year is different. I think the average fish are slightly larger this year.
    I just finished a nine day beach bender at various PS beaches. Fishing was ok, but not sas good as i had hoped for based on the tides.
    I ended up going 8 for 14 with three skunk days.
    I generally fished 6-8 hours per day, so things weren't easy by any means but I kept my fly in the water and managed to turn up some fish.

    Based on the catch numbers in the straits, I think we still have probably a couple more weeks max before Coho Season 2013 ends on the beaches.
  15. The larger wild silvers seem to be elusive from the beach lately, but the smaller migratory silvers are around. Of course this could change any day now. You just have to fish as many tides as you can before it ends in October.

    Early this morning I set up at a good migratory coho ambush location in MA-9 waiting for the big leaping silvers to show up at the tide change. Instead I saw.... leaping jack silvers???? Totally bizarre. I still bagged a decent hen and lost another.
  16. This has indeed been an odd year. I have had my best salmon season to date on the fly rod, having punched 23 silvers and 3 pinks on the fly this year. However 85% of those fish came in two distinct periods of time. Had about a week of hot action out of my boat, and had a good week or so of great action at a favorite local beach. Most of my fish came in those two periods with the remaining few coming at random. It has definitely been different than last year, though with the pink crowds I didn't fish the same crowded beach I generally hit. Its been fun, but odd. I haven't landed any of the real big fish but they have been around. Seen more BIG beach silvers landed this year than I remember from years past. I lost one that may have gone 10 lbs but other than that all were in the 3-7 lb range.

    This had quickly taken place as my favorite fishery. I love my stillwaters but I'm ready to state that chasing silvers is by far my favorite fishing activity.
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  17. Something else that has made this season interesting is the abundance of fly caught kings. I don't ever recall hearing of or seeing so many as this year. That is super cool and something I dream of experiencing someday

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