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  1. Hey everyone, I was out on the river this weekend and realized there are couple things I may not be doing correctly or at all...

    1. When you come to the end of the drift, how do you reposition your casting to get the fly back up stream without false casting like 10 times?!? Is it just a rookie thing and I need to practice more or is there a specific technique I'm not aware of?

    2. What does "mending the line" mean? When should you do it?

    3. What does river right or river left mean? Is there one better than the other? Does it have an effect on anything?

    Thanks for the help!

    Good fishing

  2. I bet if you posted were you live somebody on this forum would go fishing with you and show you a few things. Or just ask. Those are all good questions, I think you would learn faster buy doing them with somebody's help. Just sayin..... Good luck
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  3. If you are using a single hander, all you do is strip the line back in, change direction false cast to get your line back out and shoot. The number of times you false cast is up to you. As you get better and better you will notice that you false cast a lot less.

    Mending: The intention of mending your line is to be able to give you the best drag free drift possible. Have you noticed that your drift starts swinging alittle too early? If you flip your line up stream a little it will have a ) shape in the water. When your line starts to look like ( then it is time to mend again. That really is a basic explanation.
  4. 1. Play around with it. When you first pull your line off the water for a back cast, you don't have to pull it straight back from where it's hanging. Use that first back cast to turn it as much as you can, then lay a short cast on the water in the direction you want to cast.

    2. Mending reduces the bow in your line. A bow in your line causes your presentation to sweep across the river too fast.

    3. River right/left is just the side of the river you're on as seen looking down stream.
  5. Thanks everyone! I have a couple guys I'm set to meet and learn a few things from also.


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  6. At the end of my drift I just pick the line out of the water and cast back to the beginning of the drift in one motion. I spent a ton of time practicing roll casting when I first started; the theory was: you don't catch fish on the cast, you catch fish on the drift.
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  7. Thanks Jay! I will try that... From what I gather - I just need to practice more and it will get "better?"

    Thanks guys!


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  8. I was lucky - I had fly fished for years, and did okay, but met a guy in Vancouver (WA) who took me under his wing and taught me a few things that really helped. Mending was one of those things. Achieving a drag-free drift is often critical to fool the fish, and to do that, as Danielocean mentions above, with the water going at different speeds in bands along the river between you and your fly, you've got to do something to make sure that the faster of those bands don't pull the line so tightly that your fly is no longer just floating down the current as if not attached to anything. Mending helps you accomplish that. Thanks, Wes H!
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  9. Practice makes progress. The only thing that will stand in your way is if you're afraid to get knots! The knots teach you as much about what doesn't work as anything else will teach you about what does work.
  10. Thanks Wes! Very we'll explained

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  11. Thanks Wes! Very we'll explained

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  12. As you get a bit more experience with mending it's important to remember that the water your fishing is constantly changing (even if you stay in one spot) and every drift should be looked at individually in terms of how and when you should mend your line.

    I often still get in a bad habit of automatically mending a certain way on every cast despite the changing river conditions which results in a poorly presented fly. As you have come to find out, there are a lot of moving parts but this is something to consider thinking about after you start getting more comfortable with the general idea.

    Good luck!
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  13. Thanks Jordan!

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  14. I am down in kent but I need to get out fishing bad. I'd be more than happy to meet up with you somewhere and help you work through some of this. Shoot me a pm if interested.

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  15. I like to strip in some line, then make a little roll cast to pick up the line, then false cast like normal. And sometimes I just do it regular and strip in line, depends on what feels right.
  16. Go fishing with someone who's been there, words on the internet don't do justice.
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  17. I'm going to the Ford sometime next week, I would be happy to show you some bastardized casting and how to not catch fish! But seriously it's a cool place to do some casting and figure out how to catch fish. The best part is you can see those finicky fish.
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  18. Hey Bob,

    What is "The Ford?" I live near Monroe, is it close to there? I'm interested in getting out to find new water for sure, and could use the help with casting. Thank you!

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  19. Pick up a book, bud. It's all right there. YouTube should also be a huge help. Good luck.

  20. I have looked on Youtube but I figured i'd ask here also... I have watched fishing clips online with trying to just watch what others do when fishing.

    I have found a few "learn to flyfish" type books also - I will have to get one or two. Thanks!

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