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  1. A few weeks ago I was fishing the methow down by lower burma road and I noticed that one of the requirements of being a guide must be owning a cowboy hat.I'm wondering if a cowboy hat is the secret to successful steelheading. If so I'm thinking about having a tom mix style hat made by a guy in montana but can't decide on the color. Any advise would be welcome.
  2. White, or off gray if you don't fish with beads.
  3. I myself love the Alan Jackson style cream or white ones. In the summer you could pull a natural straw Jason Aldean. I am a country music fanatic so this thread makes me happy. Right now I'm rocking a fairly small narrow Brad Paisley style in Black but I have always wanted a George Strait. Be prepared to drop some serious cash though if you are looking for a specific brand or style.
  4. black beaver fur. Keeps the rain off your head, the sun outa yer eyes, the glare down (due to the black), on cool days keeps yer head warm, on warm days you can soak it for evaporative head, it just looks good.
  5. My cowboy hat helps me catch more fish... and I'm not even a guide. Actually I wear a cowboy hat because I have long hair and I don't have to tie up my hair when I fish.
  6. I like a good hat for sun protection in the heat and warmth in the winter, plus it's nice to have in the rain to keep the top somewhat dry.
  7. just got my email from Renton western wear,they have 98 styles of cowboy hats.time for a new fishing hat.:cool::cool::cool::cool:
  8. I love my "Gus" hat (Loansome Dove). Haven't worn it on the water yet because I I need one of those flip down magnifiers to see well enough to tie on a new fly. Interestingly I was on the Methow last week and I didn't see any "Cowboy" hats.
  9. It is a personal preference, but I will say figure out how often and where you will wear yours.

    I wear them almost every day here in AZ. I have a straw that is worn most often due to the heat. Then I have a Black and a Lt. Cream suede hat. One thing to keep in mind, any suede, fur or wool will be hell in the summer! You may find you wear your hat more often and to more places than you thought. Hell, if I don't have boots or a hat on, I'm lost anymore!

    Good luck in the search and then get yourself a nice hat band!
  10. I have a couple of cowboy style hats that I wear fishing, but if your guiding you really need a hat that looks experienced. Wearing a nice clean Stetson to meet your clients just SCREAMS newbie dude.
    I have an idea as a sidelne for our fly shop I am going to buy a couple of dozen quality hats and then "experience" them. We already have a mojo machine that we use to install mojo packages in our rods, and I am sure we can adapt it for hats.
    Look for the new line of western mojo hats at Westslope Fly Shop soon!!!
  11. I have several that I don't wear. Stetson, Resitol, etc. All experienced................
    PM me if you like.
  12. Seems like a lot of concern over someone else's style.

    I owned a straw cowboy hat the summer that I lived in Montana. They work real well at protecting the ears and face. Now I am nearly always wearing a Sox cap, but I could see utilizing the cowboy hat for desert fishing.

    Go sox,
  13. Does my Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero count as a cowboy hat? I want to fit in with the kool kids when I'm fishing the East side. ;)
  14. Yes. I have the two tone mocha for that very purpose. Flip one side up and you'll own any crowd.
  15. I like the bull rider style.White straw for summer.I also have an Outback style hat,in wool for other times of year.
  16. I picked up a straw cowboy hat on closeout at Sportco a few weeks ago thinking it would be a better hat application than my usual cotton baseball cap fishing hat. Tried it out over on the dry side, and it really is cooler to wear, what with all its ventilation holes in the weave. One thing I hadn't considered is that with a brim that goes all the way around, it catches a lot of wind, and I'll need a chin strap to keep the darn thing on. That and I need to figure out how to afix my flip down magnifier glasses that are essential whenever I bend a new fly to tippet. Obviously I'm not in it for the "coolness" factor, just the keeping my noggin' a tad cooler.

  17. As with the other thread where you mentioned a cowboy hat this reminds me of Brad and him puttin' down what he called steelhead cowboys. Laughed my ass off everytime he saw one. Personally I don't like cowboy styled hats for fishing. They don't fit under my raincoat hood or my sweatshirt hood very well. For rodeos they are fine head gear though.
  18. cowboy style ain't my bag, i just rock the big old straw farmer hat. shade? always.
  19. This is an important thread. I have been thinking about a cowboy hat for a few years now. A good one that will keep the rain off, especially the back of my neck. I have looked on line a bit, but I am not sure I am ready. First, a cowboy, or more accurately a Ka-boy hat, is more than headgear, it is often a statement, and I think my truckers hat all ready says more than I would like. Second if you wear a cowboy hat in photo's people assume you are short, so proportionately the fish you are holding are smaller than they look. That's a problem in my line of work.
    Third, am I poser if I wear the hat and don't dip? I don't use tabaco and I really don't want those beer cans half full of of brown saliva spilling in my truck.
    Then, what about the boots? They don't look safe and they are expensive.
    Big decision.
  20. I guess you could say I have a hat fetish, got lots of them in all styles. Obviously my avatar shows my Akubra in cream, I have one in medium brown in the same style.

    Here's my Coober Pedy in dark olive:


    My finest one is a JB Stetson fedora for more civilized outings, weddings, concerts, etc.

    It's hard to be an Akubra, they're made to be worn hard. Mostly water resistant, holds shape well, and gets better with age and some sweat.

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