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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jonathan Tachell, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Hey guys thinking about floating the cowlitz in the next few weeks and was hoping someone out there has a number or two for reliable shuttle services. Thanks
  2. Jonathan,
    I believe Barrier Dam Campground can line a shuttle up for you.
  3. Trudy, the longtime Cowlitz shuttle lady is not available anymore. I hope she is OK. Steve, another Cowlitz shuttle is not available either. I found this # last week at the BC board. 360-827-4697. The ad said she is a single Mom that now does shuttles for $20. I only got a message when I called.
    Usually not hard to hitch a ride out of the launches if all else fails.
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  4. Contact Mike Sturza at Lost Creek Fly Shop in Onalaska. He will do shuttles too.
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  5. what kinda shuttles she talking about? Badminton?
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  6. Alright thanks guys, I appreciate the info.
  7. Bummer about Trudy no longer being available for shuttles. I really liked the old gal. I know the shuttle money really helped her get by and she sure loved to eat cutthroat.
    I tried calling her last night but it said her number had recently been disconnected. Hopefully she is OK and just living with her daughter.

  8. I talked to Steve Buckner a few days ago and he said she was in pretty bad shape. Apparently a lot of the health issues have really caught up to her :( I already miss her, she gave my kids pumpkins during the fall, and was very generous with her recipes.
  9. James,
    I appreciate the update on Trudy. I'm sorry to hear about her health. I know she was battling some issues the last time I saw her.
    She has a great soul. She always had a big smile when given fresh cutts or steelhead and would always send us home with some fresh corn later in the year.
  10. I hope this new gal works out. Otherwise it will be tough without Trudy.
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  11. Yeah, what James and Stonefish said goes for me as well. Trudy has a great heart and it was always a pleasure talking with her on the ride up from Mission or Blue Creek. I remember the first time asking her how much the shuttle fee was and she said, "Oh, whatever you have is fine". Classy lady that always made each trip a little better! Just FYI - Mike Sturza is a reliable shuttle. He has a big Bronco - if you're floating in a Scadden or WaterMaster you can just throw your gear and boat bag in his rig and ride back upriver.
  12. I know Mike, but somehow wasn't aware he shuttled. Good to know
    He's busy catching big muskie of late!
  13. Mike Sturza at Lost Creek Fly Shop in Onalaska.

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