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  1. I'm going fishing on Saturday to a Crystal Creek, California, where Whiskeytown Falls is located. I've fished there before but only once, and I was using small panther martins. I want to fish with flies, but I think my 6 weight is too big. The creek is very small with little pools and tiny riffles, and the native redband trout aren't picky. Should I use the 6 weight or use a small spin fishing rod and flies? Any advice would help.
  2. I'd say go for the fly rod. Of course this is coming from a guy whose license plate is "FLYF1SH" so take it as you will. When I started fly fishing I took the less common route of buying a 6 wt as my first rod and not a 5 wt like most people. I used that 6 wt exclusively for about a year before I turned into a gear whore. I used it on everything from small streams to large rivers. I know it won't be as delicate at landing small dry flies but it will work fine.

    If you are really worried about it bring both!
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  3. Great advice, I think I'll bring both! Those Redbands couldn't resist a Mercers Missing link, best mayfly/ caddis adult ive ever seen, check out Oh, you live in Reno, I used to live in Susanville, Ca. You ever fish Eagle Lake or Pyramid?, I'm guessing you've been to both
  4. I've only been in Reno for about six months. I have not fished at Eagle yet. I have caught some big boys at Pyramid and fishing off a ladder was an experience in itself. The Truckee is decent and East Walker and East Carson can be good. Good luck!
  5. I used to dead drift bait on light spinning rods before I picked up a fly rod. You should be able to do the same with a fly, with or without an indicator. Give this fly a shot, it caught me some rainbows in the Trinity River above the reservoir. Take the 6 weight too just in case you have the urge to do some casting or to throw dries at them. Good luck!
  6. I've always looked at that creek when driving to redding. Please let me know how it goes.
  7. Hey Gary, I tie a fly that is almost exactly like that. It's called the mercer's beaded biot golden stone
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  8. The 6 is overkill down here in CA for streams. Our rivers are the size of your creeks, and our creeks are the size of your gutters. If you can, I'd look into picking up a 2 or 3 wt combo on the cheap. Something you can throw a dry on a creek with with decent accuracy at short distances. I throw an Echo Carbon 2wt and love it. That is my go-to creek rod, but I did happen to pick up a Cabela's Three Forks 3wt rod/reel combo for $54 on sale a while back just to have in case someone without a rod wants to creek fish with me. It's not as nice as the Echo, but for the money it's hard to beat if you don't have the cash for nicer gear.
  9. The trip went great. I caught 3 redbands, which were beautiful. I caught the 3rd one above a 70 foot waterfall, within a series of tall waterfalls. God only knows how the trout got above the falls. I'll try to upload a pic.
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  10. So how did the 6wt hold up? I fished the heck out of a 6wt until I got my first 4wt 10 years later. It's fun no matter what rod you use.
  11. I used my little Berkeley spin rod, caught some unbelievably pretty redbands. Little 1/32 oz. gold blade black/yellow panther martin did the trick. My brother and my dad caught two 13in hog redbands. Didn't know trout this pure could live in Nor Cal.
  12. Old thread. Forgot to upload the pics, but I will now. It was last October.
    My bro's Redband

    One of my redbands

    The scenery
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  13. Not sure on Crystal Creek but Monday there were a number of March Browns and PMD's coming off the Trinity, so I would have a few of those with you. The fish seemed to be keying on the emerger's so I would have one or two of those. Although maybe not the best for that creek if you make it over the hill to the Trinity you will need your 6 weight.
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