cuttbow or rainbow?

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  1. I forgot my camera, so the pics suck. But I got this guy yesterday. Looked mostly rainbow, but had very distinctive orange slashes. Is that possible in rainbows without having some cutthroat DNA mixed in? NCM_0001.JPG NCM_0003.JPG
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  3. I've caught rainbows in the rogue river and Sacramento river that have cutthroat like slashes. The rogue has coastal cutts, so its possible there's some DNA there. However, in the sac I don't think there is any evidence that cutts were ever in that watershed, so it'd kind of a mystery.
  4. i think its just a rainbow, ive seen that alot over here on stocked fish.
  5. Native rainbows of the interior subspecies (Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri, redband or redside rainbow) often exhibit yellowish or orange "slash" marks similar to the red markings of the cutthroat.
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  6. Thanks!
  7. Yup. Native redband or as they call them on the Deschutes, Red Side.

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