Cutthroat flies?????

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  1. I have lived in washington for several years but have only recently switched to flyfishing. What could you suggest for some good cutthroat flies ( do they differ than the patterns for rainbows )and maybe a productive location or two? :CONFUSED I am intrested in both sea-run and freshwater cutts.

    Thanks in advance for any info! This is my first post but I have been reading the forum for a while now and think it is a great idea!!!!!!!

    :THUMBSUP Jim B.
  2. Freshwater Cutthroat are not that particular (at least the ones that I have fished for) I took my seven year old son out yesterday and he caught a few with a mess of fur and feathers that he managed to tie on a hook, if that tells you anything. Just as long as it floats and you give a drag free presentation most of the time, you shouldn't have any trouble. Occasionally you will find a picky one, but not very often.

    I normally use dry flies in the size 12-14 size range. The patterns I have luck with are your classic flies - Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Humpy, Adams... I fish alot with Elk Hair's just because they are easy to tie, easy to see and float real well. You can try (and I have) some of the more modern exotic flies, but the ones I mentioned work just as well for me. I fish mainly smaller rivers/streams.

    Good luck!
  3. freshwater: anything that works for rainbows will be fine

    salt: I personally have had to look no further than clouser minnows - fished with a floating line + a 3x 9' leader.

    hope this helps

  4. For searuns in freshwater I always use a spider pattern or a variation of it. I always plan to try something different but the spiders work so well I can't do it. Color doesn't seem to matter much as I've caught them on yellow, orange, black, and green.
  5. Anything that floats in freshwater though I am partial to size 14 Renegades.

    In salt water skated deer hair flies on top and deceivers, clousers, and Micky Finns under.

  6. Have never fished the salt for cutts, but an excellent fly that I always turn to for freshwater cutts would have to be the Royal Wulf, Royal Coachman and Royal Trude. These flies have caught alot more cutts for me than anyother fly. Also I have noticed a difference in my amount of catches by using a 12ft leader rather than a 9ft leader if that helps you any. Good Luck
  7. Jim,
    I have caught more cutthroat than all other flies combined on a size 12 Chernobyl Ant. Look in the fly archive on for the pattern.
    Good Luck,

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