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  1. OK guys. So I found a new little lake that holds a lot of cutts. They are averaging about 6" in size but there is a lot of good sized ones mixed in as well. My question is what patterns everyone throws at these fish. It seemed as if the fish were all over the surface feeding. We caught a handful of fish but I feel we should have caught a lot more. We also havld a lot of short strikes. The would whack it real hard and nothing.... thanks for l the help guys.
  2. Cutts in lakes like parachute style Adams. Sizes 12-18
  3. Those small cutthroat are pretty darn "quick". Suspect part of the problem is that the fish are "spitting" the fly before you can react. Fishing with smallish flies (unless looking to high-grade the biting fish) on thin wire hooks (barbless) may be help.

    I have found that fishing dries on the surface or soft hackles etc below the surface are usually pretty effective. I like to match the hatch or go to the other end of the spectrum and fish attractor or streamer patterns. On the flies below the surface or in the surface film I find that fishing them on a tight line with strips will put you in a position to readily "set the hook". At times an aggressive strip will work the best with solid takes with you in position to react.

    Remember the game here will being quick with your hook set (doesn't have to be hard). Fishing with your pointing directly towards the fly and the lake surface will provide the most direct connection to the fly allowing a quite hook set. You will likely find that using a line strip set also be helpful.

  4. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll give it a whirl this next weekend.
  5. Here's a secret that I use for both lakes and moving water. If you can't seem to hook the rising fish as you mentioned with a dry fly or soft hackle, try a size 18 parachute style Royal Coachman.

    And yes, a size 18 works best.... even if it sinks.

    This is how I tie mine. You don't need a tail.

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  6. I've had pretty good success with Coastal Cutthroat in lakes and in rivers with the fly (size 10) pictured below.
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  7. they also like Muddlers too floating and under surface
  8. [​IMG]

    Worked for me all summer on many different lakes.
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  9. Man info overload here. Lol. Thanks for all the great advice. I'm gonna have to take a trip to the confluence fly shop and get some material. Next week should be fun trying to figure them out. Again thanks for all the help

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