damselfly nymph swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, May 29, 2013.

  1. Count me in!
  2. if theres room i may be in, me and gary are working out some pheasant rump business and i may be good to go.
  3. There's a comment to be made here regarding Mcnasty, Gary, and some pheasant rump business.... But I'm just not feeling creative enough to come up with one. :D
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  4. It doesn't help to have the name McNasty is that context, but I will be sending him the package instead of the other way around.
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  5. Gary is slipping him the package, and McNasty is going to get busy with his rump.
  6. In the true Shackleford fashion!
  7. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time, I'm in!!!!!!
  8. Sweet!!! All full! Time to start tying :D errr, right after I get back from swinging some streamers tomorrow morning... yep... right after that.
  9. Oh man with these rumping nastying shacklemyfording package slipping comments, this should be a good swap!
  10. Dang, if anyone drops please count me in. Got my deadly nymph just fished again in eastern washington...great bug.
  11. Swap is full and I believe the first back of damsels is headed my way.
  12. I just picked up a few more materials and I've gone through my visualization process. Mine should be done soon.
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  13. got a rumpalicious package today. will start tying in a day or two when hooks from allen arrive.
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  14. Should be lots of nice swap flies based on the participants. Additional news: dfl gave his spot to steeli.

    High Mountain Hunting (and fishing) Supply brought a bunch of tying supplies to our Tuesday fly club meeting and was selling it at blow-out prices. I got two bags of damsel olive marabou for my flies in the swap.
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  15. I am doing an extended body damsel. Pattern has been determined. Need to get tying.
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  16. I'm going with a sparrow-variation or an olive ostrich herl pattern.
    Tying frenzy before the 4th...should have mine in around end of June.
    Looking forward to seeing everyones!
  17. I've got everything I need, just need to get tying. I've never really tied damsels before so I had to do some searching to find something that matched my tying ability. Settled on a simple marabou pattern. Think ill get started right now actually
  18. Most damsel patterns are relatively easy to tie. A marabou body w/rib, a thorax, a shellback (pheasant) of some sort and mono eyes if one prefers.
  19. hows everyone doin? i got 3 left i'm finishing up this afternoon if you wanna go ahead and send me an address.
  20. I hate to say it but I haven't tied the first one yet. Ive got some neighborhood issues going on.

    I need 12 flies per tyer for the swap.

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