damselfly nymph swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, May 29, 2013.

  1. Yeah despite all my bluster I've been fishing for six days, just back Sunday, took care of my yard and my gear, and got absorbed with a boat wood work project. Guess I better batch em out, eh?
  2. its all good, just wonderin where everyone was at. i kind of forgot for a bit.
  3. I'll have mine out soon.
  4. Busy during the upcoming few weeks so just finished tying up the bugs.
    My swimming armada getting ready to fly.
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  5. Nice hatch!!!
  6. Those look like serious fish catchers! Did you use all three colors of rump?
  7. i ended up using the olive and yellow not the regular. ill be mailing them back when i mail the swap flies, gonna get it all done at once.
  8. Very nice. If the tail olive PR filoplume? Or is it marabou? I'm terrible that the material guessing game.
  9. haha, i think their called the aftershaft feathers or something. the marabou like stuff at the bottom of the feather.
  10. I think I've heard them called both filoplume and aftershaft. Fun material to play with, I was throwing it away for a long time, until I saw a SBS using it and then started to use it in places.
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  11. i got really into them when i saw scott P's SBS's with them. ive been tying lightning bugs with filoplume thoraxes and they slay.
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  12. Heres a new damsel pattern I tied up today. Still playing around with proportions but its pretty good I think. We will find out next weekend.

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  13. I'm done, zen, have you sent out your address, I can't seem to find it in my PMs.
  14. I have not sent out a PM with info yet.
  15. the eyes are some black nickel bead chain eyes. the ones i posted in the damsel thread, the originals, had black foam eyes. i liked the one with foam eyes on a sinking line but i like these more since ive been using floating lines lately but still want it to get down a little.
  16. Ah, got it. The swimming action will dive the nose a bit. But that shouldn't be very prominent when fished micro slow to trout that are selective and expect an actual damsel-pace retrieve.
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  17. Done. Just gotta send em.

    I gotta admit, I really mailed it in with this one. My apologies ahead of time for my ultra simple pattern. It does catch fish... In large numbers at Tunkwa when I used to fish there. Things have been so friggin hectic here I just finally had to pick something simple and go with it. Between work, some family issues, boat issues, and then sending my cell phone for a swim just in the past few days I just haven't had time to devote.

    Plus, I found out that I truly dislike tying damsels for some damned reason.
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  18. I will send a PM out to everyone either later tonight or tomorrow morning. I have one fly done.

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