damselfly nymph swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, May 29, 2013.

  1. Patience is a virtue.
  2. So is a timely response to a deadline, just saying.
  3. flies mailed. I'm curious if anybody gets a postage due notice when the flies arrive. I know of two that were short. One or two needed better envelopes in my opinion.
  4. When I hosted a swap I had a guy from Canada give me $1.50 and no envelope
    It cost 9$ to send his flies and another 1$ for a padded envelope. I never said anything to him I just won't allow him to participate again, pissed me off.
  5. was mine alright? i'd like to know so i could makeup for it if need be and just to know im doing it alright.
  6. Just a quick "I got mine today in Poulsbo." Haven't looked at 'em yet. Look'n forward to spread'n 'em out on a nice clean surface for the examination.......

    Thanks for hosting Zen - Great job!!
  7. You're welcome Ron.
  8. just got mine, guess they came yesterday and i slacked on the mail. great job guys!
  9. P.S. Ira, you just blew my mind. sick fly!
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  10. Slacked on mail too - Got mine! (Went fishing and cleaned salt off and out of boat and motor, not bad slacking!)


    Cool stuff!!!
  11. I received mine in the mail yesterday. Got home late last night and didn't get to open them until this morning. As expected they looked good and I can't wait to get them wet.

  12. For the future participants in bead headed flies a regular envelope will not work for this swap without package postage. That's the minimum that should be used as a regular envelope will get ripped apart going to the stamp cancelling machinery. The padded envelopes that the Post Office sells are an even better way of ensuring your flies are delivered without damage to the flies or the envelope.

    I sent a package out once and all the recipient got was the package. It broke apart and the items in it lost during transit.
  13. Call it out Zen, tell us who the losers are, I swear I can take it. I have not recieved mine yet.
  14. Received mine on Saturday.
    Nice hatch of flies everyone!
    Can't wait to go wet a line...
    Thanks for hosting Zen; going to post the pics?
  15. Came home from vacation today and found mine in the pile of mail. Agree with everyone else, great ties one and all.
  16. These are some great looking bugs. Thanks for hosting!
  17. I got back from camping today and opened mine up. Nice ties all.
  18. Fly pictures are posted in the gallery under 2013 Damselfly nymph swap. Congrats to all on some nice ties.
  19. My pics, simply do not do my fly justice, that's what happens when you are weird and you tie your fly upside down. Trust me thou, this fly fishes great under an indicator. Well next year it will anyway.
  20. I would give that fly the "most innovative" award.

    Only other way to take damselfly nymph photos would be maybe from the top down. The side shot doesn't show the eyes.

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