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  1. My wife is one of those good look'n ladies and when we were first married, guys would ask how I ended up with her. I told them I have very high standards and she barely made it.
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  2. I know:) lol! History teacher here. I see it this way: I am the woman of my home and life and a powerful one:) but after work im a more classroom, no more parents or all the men I teach with and fight for real respect. Tmi??? Maybe, but after the day is done my job is too:) treat me well is a motto. My girls are watching...little sponges:) they will know what kindness is and how to treat a lady but survive in this world as woman.
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  3. Nope
  4. I still believe in chivalry and practice it when I won't get burned down by a fanatical feminist. My wife never signed on the fanatical feminist cruise so she didn't mind me opening doors for her.... which I still do.

    The bra thing never made sense to me... I couldn't understand how the bra burners figured men were making them wear bras... that was hardly the case!! :eek:
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  5. Talking about bras. Some women really need them but don't wear them. I have two daughters that fit that bill. I wish they would wear them I get tired of see drooping tits.. It's disgusting.
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  6. It
    Its about comfort:) try wearing a jock strap all day;)
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  7. "Point" taken :)
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  8. As a 14 year old boy I really liked that time period,I was digging the no bra thing
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  9. I go comando, less laundry that way!!!
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  10. Sounds like a wonderful date. But, that being said . . . still not enough so to convince me to start dating again . . . glad you kids had fun.
  11. Totally fun. My two boys (14 and 9) will fly fish with me, and my lovely wife (I married WAY up;)) will bring a lawn type chair and perch it in a couple inches of the riffle water and take her shoes off, wade in and read a book while we fish. Then we all reconvene for lunch....its fun! She likes watching us fish, but doesn't really enjoy it herself.

    I open doors for her, and she is a teacher, and she is more lovely every day! Plus she is an amazing chef AND she puts up with me ;) (I can only hope she somehow logs in and reads this lol)... It's been 24 years since we met (yikes! time goes fast!) and each year is better than the last. So I'm thankful. And I love to read about fun dates like the fishing one you had! Super cool!
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  12. First I watched the Craig Campbell video and thought....ohhh what a great lookin' gal, then I saw enlightened and thought damn what a what a sweet lookin', redheaded woman!, no disrespect Trip. Red heads have always been my downfall, I've been married to mine for 50 years and counting, she has to use an off the shelf product to keep it red, now, but she does it for me. That's good what you two have going on. my hat's off to you both.

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