Dave Scadden vs Watermaster

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Which Boat is better?

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  1. Watermaster Kodiak

  2. Dave Scadden Rampage

  1. I'm looking at 2 different frameless one man boats. I'm leaning towards one more than the other, but i'll make a final decision after I read some posts.

    First let me explain my fishing "career." I started trout fishing around 10 years ago. I purchased my first drift boat as soon as I had enough money from my first job (16 years old). I went off to college right after graduating highschool and started guiding out of my first boat. I then purchased my second boat which I had for 2 years. I purchased my last boat (which is up for sale) a little over a year ago for one last summer. Let's just say I'm an experienced oarsman and I know what to do with a fly rod in my hand.

    People may be asking the question why does this kid want to sell his drift boat and get a frameless little raft. Well it comes down to the simple fact that I am sick and tired of rowing other people down the river to fish while I sit behind the sticks. Even on my days off with friends, it seems like I spend more time behind the stick than fishing. Also it doesn't make sense to spend the extra money in gas and insurance for a huge rig to tow around boat that isn't making me money anymore.

    That being said i've come to the decision to purchase a couple (same kind) one man rigs. Does anyone think i'm crazy?

    I have narrowed the rigs to two different manufactures. The Dave Scadden Rampage and the Watermaster Kodiak. I plan to put almost every upgrade into my boat so don't think i'm going to skimp and buy the basics. I know I need the best to make me happy if i'm getting rid of my boat.

    This all being said.... What do you guys/gals think is the better manufacturer and boat? Which is better for the montana and north idaho rivers?
  2. Between the two boats the only reason people pick the watermaster is Scadden's customer service. Apart from that the construction is similar but the maneuverability of the Scadden is leaps and bounds above the watermaster.
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  3. Agree with my friend Rob. I had both a watermaster and scadden assault. I still have the assault.
  4. How is the inflatable seat to sit on. I think it would be easy to slide off of.
  5. The inflatable seat is much better than the hard seat base of the WM, IMHO. Inflate it firm or soft. Feels great all day. No slipping at all.
  6. Rob, I'm gonna have to test your Scadden maneuverability against my Kodiak. I'll never forget Derek spinning brodies at the launch on the Cle Elum the first time he got in one!!
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  7. Steezn,

    I would go the Scadden route--I have 5 times now and no complaints. I'm a boat junkie; what can I say? Rob is dead on--much more maneuverability. They track incredibly well and only require a very minor fin correction. I would also check out the Assault XX--just don't tell your buddies it will hold 2.:) The Rampage is awesome as well and has a lot more storage room than a WM. Also agree with Ed on the seat--no worries there.
  8. Scadden! Go figure:) Love the inflatable seat, the rockers, the accessories. I have had many Scaddens, but at this time, I have the Renegade, the Assault, the XX Assault and the X5. Got an order in for the Predator.
  9. I'm buying it for only moving water. Does that change any of your opinions? This is the only forum that I haven't seen any horrible remarks about Dave's boats. Is someone protecting his name and deleting them. It just make me nervous based entirely on others sites. I wish I could just get in one and see how it feels. I'm moving from a full boat. I just don't want to be disappointed!

  10. I get that too. Not an option as I live a ways away, but I would totally let you try one. I don't think you would be disappointed at all.
  11. Search here and you'll find some that bash his customer service, and seemingly appropriate if the stories are true. I have had no issues and the boats are great. Moving water is the ideal Scadden Outlaw Assault location. If for only movi g water I give two thumbs up for the rocketed boats.
  12. People keep talking about the "rocker" of certain boats. Just remember, more rocker=deeper draft. Load your boat up in a high rockered boat and you'll draft more water than a boat that has a flatter, less severe rocker. Deeper you draft, more sluggish your boat will become. I wouldn't pay much attention to what a manufacturer claims as their carrying capacity. It sounds pretty impressive when they slap a big ol' number in there, but that's about all it's good for. Sound/look impressive. With a 90# dog on back and 30# cooler up front I can spin, turn, pull, push my Kodiak as quick as any boat needs to move..... And it tracks straight as needed. Doing pirouettes from put in to take out is highly overrated...;)

    Your experience with driftboats should help in making your decision.

    I wouldn't discount any of the stories you hear about poor customer service, either.
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  13. Don't overlook the Outcast Commander. It is rockered like the Assault so it is also very maneuverable, but at 10' long with a pointed bow and stern, it is really fast too! (looks like a cross between a kayak and Watermaster) The pointed bow also allows me to keep my rod tip low more easily than in the WM/Assault.

    Plus, it's made by Outcast/Aire so you know it will last and you will receive awesome customer service if you ever have a problem. I have some Outcast-made predecessors of this boat; they are 10-12+ years old and I have not had one problem with them despite frequent and heavy use.
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  14. Bladders scare me and are hard to deal with. I wish Maravia made a one man. Those boats are indestructable!
  15. Good call, Sue. Outcast does outstanding work. Allen has had our booth right by them during most the Fly Fishing Show circuit, and I have been very impressed with the new boats. They are some awesome guys too. Some of the most genuine guys I've had the pleasure of meeting that were working the shows. I could hardly get Scadden to give me the time of day when I was trying to inquire about his boats.

    Also, keep in mind that Scadden's boats are all PVC bladders, while Outcast uses Eurethane. Eurethane bladders are much, much more durable (Maravia also uses this). I don't know about Watermaster as far as that goes.
  16. It's a Ford/Chevy thing. I trust well-made, urethane-bladdered, welded boats more than non-bladdered boats, especially glued ones. In general, they will outlive single-wall boats and are more easily field-repaired, but like I said, it's a Ford/Chevy thing...

    Oh, I also have a Watermaster but a Commander will probably replace it this year.

  17. WHAT???? I you are mistaken. Dave uses Urethane and Bladderless only (with Heart Valve material now) . In my opinion, bladderless is the wayy to go. Sand can not get in and no ZIPPERS. Outcast does outsource though.;)
  18. Hmmm... I asked if the boat was PVC or eurethane, and was told PVC. But that's one of the only things I was told. Didn't get much more detail. I just wasn't impressed with how little he seemed to want to tell me about his boats when I was genuinely curious.
  19. I've been running WM's since 2001 and love them. But the Outcast Commander looks sweet. If I were in the market, that'd be on my short list.

  20. I am pretty sure they are all PVC coated, including WM and definitely Outcast. He was referring to bladders which some of Scaddens are Urethane, but most are bladder less. Which means PVC plus Kevlar coating.
    I looked at the Navigator, but I prefer the Assault shape and width better. And I did have an Escalade many years ago that was basically the Commander. Like Freestone mentioned Chevy's and Ford.

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