Dave Scadden vs Watermaster

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Which Boat is better?

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  1. Watermaster Kodiak

  2. Dave Scadden Rampage


  1. I agree that it is very interesting. I have had 4 people pm me saying to go with Watermaster. They didn't want to get in an argument. So really it's close to even.

  2. I completely agree. I just wanted to know if there was one stand out or if someone had a really good reason for one over the other.
  3. Itchy Dog, is that you?
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  5. I understand the "gist" of the poll, but the Watermaster Kodiak should be compared to the Scadden Renegade. The Kodiak is 8'10" long...the Renegade is 9' long. The Rampage (10' long) is a little longer than the other pontoons.
  6. Steezn,

    Did you get the PM I sent you?
  7. Apples/oranges perhaps, but I was taking a peek at the NRS website today. Gigbobs are down to about $850

  8. Wonder why:cool:
  9. I was thinking their price was way too high. They're sweet boats, but I'm not pushing them. If I had 850 and wanted a nice inflatable I would check them out.
  10. I like the "air deck" construction on them. I had a Zodiac during my cruising days with the same high pressure air deck floors and the "hard as a rock" flat platform was a really nice feature. But at 65 Lbs. for the Gigbob fully assembled I felt that it detracted from one of the main features I would look for in a frameless pontoon - that being the weight factor. It is a nice boat at $850 for anyone not concerned about the weight though.
  11. I certainly would not buy Simms waders or Sage rods if their warranty or repair service was horrendous. I have known many that have owned Scadden boats that no longer have them. They were tired of the endless wait time between services and/or trying to order oars and other extras. Fully rockered and class IV ratings are great but they don't do you much good when you are left without a boat during peak steelhead or trout season. Dave is a great marketer and salesman and his boats look terrific but if the company cannot deliver on its customer service, then I would be very cautious.

    I have had nothing but great customer service from Big Sky Inflatables. They have been prompt on any and all orders and have been more than helpful on offering their advice on various conversion ideas that I have proposed. I use mine primarily for stillwater applications but I have taken it down rivers in Colorado, Montana, Washington and Idaho and have never felt the need for another inflatable. The Grizzly or Kodiak will not fit every application but they have finely suited all of my purposes.
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  12. But I and several others have had great service with NFO/Scadden. Now the Oars fall on Sawyer or whomever.
    Such is life.
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  13. I really like my Water Master. I haven't tried or owned a Scadden so I can't comment on his boats. But I don't see any reason to sell my WM; likely at a loss for a similar PWC.

    I've had excellent Service from BSI.

    Putting a Thermarest Trail Seat on the WM seat is very cushy and warm. I do not slip at all with a non-slip rug pad on top of the seat pad.

    IMHO the Water Master anchor system (or similar DIY) is better and safer than a Scotty Anchor mount behind the seat and cargo deck. The WM anchor mount is center stern and I am able to fasten an anchor line jam cleat onto the WM hard seat right next to me. In an emergency the anchor line can quickly be cut and the line passes freely through two swivel pulleys.

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  14. Selling your drifter for a solo inglatable is crazy, absolutely crazy. The only reasons a solo inflatable would be better would be:
    -You want to use your 2wd sedan to go fishing, in which case you own two vehicles and don't need sell your drifter to afford an inflatable, you have 2 cars. A subaru can haul a drifter no problem.
    -you run a lot of rocky rivers, in which case get something your buddies can fish out of too
    -you hike into a lot of hard to reach lakes/streams in which case you don't want a 50 lb boat
    -you fly to a lot of rivers you are floating (drifters don't fit in planes)

    Remember you can fish solo just as well out of a drifter than any solo inflatable, probably better because they are easier/safer to anchor.

    Sounds to me that instead of a new boat you need new friends.

    That being said, if I were spending a grand on an inflatable I'd get the outcast commander. 35lbs is reasonable to carry on a day trip.
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  15. Not sure if this will matter to anyone, but Alaska Raft and Kayak (I have no affiliation with them other than being a customer) has the NRS GigBob on sale for $700 - free shipping, no tax (used to retail for ~$1500+).

    I've already told anyone who I thought might be interested in picking up one for that price and there were no takers, so I'm posting it here now that I'm not worried about the rest of the stock being cleared out before friends and family have a crack at them.

    It's significantly heavier than the Scadden or the Watermaster, but I thought I'd toss this deal into the frameless pontoon discussion.
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  16. Ask for boat input and you take shots at his friends.

    Your response is very short sighted and narrow minded. Many have similar solo boats for a variety of reasons that you apparently won't comprehend.
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  17. And I gave some pretty good advice I thought.

    Dude said he was sick of his friends not rowing or chipping in for gas, doesn't sound like a problem with the boat, where am I wrong?
  18. Cheeze and rice.
  19. AKPM,

    You frequently post judgmental remarks. That's not the same as advice, although you may not understand that. Saying that someone's choice is silly or stupid is your opinion, which you have a right to, but that doesn't mean your opinion is appropriate, let alone right.

    You are very young, with very little life experience. By definition that means that, at best, you're in a piss poor position to make judgmental statements about other people's choices. You're in only a slightly better position to be one offering advice on such choices. Useful advice comes from people who have similar or related experiences that are relevant to the decision choice at hand.

    Mature people understand the difference between judgment, opinion, facts, and advice and the applicability of each. Those of us on this forum with a lot more life experience than you can easily see that you're a snot-nosed dipshit kid with a lot of attitude and only a little bit of knowledge. Just in case you aren't aware of how you appear to folks who actually possess a lot of knowledge.

  20. Well, golly, Salmo, don't sugar coat it.:)

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