Dave Scadden vs Watermaster

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Which Boat is better?

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  1. Watermaster Kodiak

  2. Dave Scadden Rampage

  1. So do I. No vendetta, just educating the public. I have not said ONE false thing. I have a lawyer involved, so I will prove all of it when case is done.
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  2. Thank you all for a civil discourse. Keeping it accurate to personal experiences and not personal attacks is the way to go forward.
  3. I agree completely!!
  4. Seems that some of us have had a good experience with Scadden (myself included),
    ...but unfortunately for whatever reason others have not.

    Based on what I've read I don't believe that anyone on this forum is blaming anyone else here, just that some are more than a little frustrated with their experience dealing with NFO.

    I will say (admittedly, a little sheepishly) that I've really been enjoying my NFO Renegade, and I sincerely hope things eventually work out for those of you that have had to endure what you've had to go through.
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  5. My favorite saying "what goes around, comes around". I hope it is satisfactory when it gets back to you.
  6. ^ Blue/pdev- Do you or have you ever worked for Dave Scadden? Or are you friends with him?

    I'm just confused why you take people complaints about NFO so personally and that is the only plausible explanation.

  7. What am I taking personal? I just asked what parts were missing or broke.
  8. I've been fortunate to be able to spend 100+ days a year on the water for the past 20 years or so. When I run into others on the water the conversation always turns to our boats. I like boats, I've had all types of boats, and currently don't have 2 from any 1 manufacturer. The stories I've heard from Scadden owners have varied from happy customers to not happy customers. People who have bought NFO boats have been sent packages with no clips or missing clips, oar locks missing, seams that are very questionable, different length oars that were shipped, broken seat at delivery, etc. Seams I saw on 1 persons new boat shouldn't have made it out of the factory, much less into a customers shipment. None of those are distribution problems. This isn't me baiting someone into bitching or even mentioning my own dealing with NFO. Those who have had customer service issues don't complain about the boat, only the company. You would expect most people to have favorable dealings with the company based on volume of boats sold. My sample size is probably around 30 different encounters, on the water not the internet. To have that many issues with that small sample size is astounding. Getting it right 8 or 9 out of 10 times is still pretty pathetic.

    Customer service has been from outstanding (as should be expected from any reputable company), to along the lines of what I described in another post. The proverbial blank stare followed by an I'm sorry followed by no response to the issues whatsoever. This is on the water experience from real people. Sure, most people receive what they order but the numbers of people who don't is amazing. Most of those who have had a hard time contacting the company or getting things resolved have stated they feel like they've simply been shined on and then ignored.

    Examples given are from people I've personally met on the water, not stories on the internet.
  9. I have two Scadden boats, Skykomish Sunrise and the Madison. Both boats are bladderless . I have only dealt with NFO on one occasion, I ordered the fancy sunburst oars from them, on sale for I believe around two hundred and fifty dollars. When I opened the package they were black blades, I contacted them ( I will admit that it took more than a few tries :D ) and mentioned the problem. I was sent the proper set and when I again contacted them ( about what to do with the black set ) I actually talked to Dave, he said keep the original set for my being patient about the mix up. So for the past four years I have two sets of oars, one to use on the Skykomish and the second set strapped to the Madison when I run heavy water. Oh both my Scadden boats were bought second hand off the Fly BC boards classified section, one from a guy in Washington State and the Madison out of Kelowna BC.
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  10. Blue- When you say things like "what goes around, comes around", I hope it is satisfactory when it gets back to you. That is a very defensive stance. I don't think you would attack someone like that unless you had some involvement with the company. After all we are talking about a 3rd party right?

    I'm just trying to figure out why you are defending Scadden so much. Your defending NFO like it is your job or someone apart of your family.
  11. Only talked to him on the phone and met him once when I picked up my Assault XX. I just wanted to give my side to the debate which is positive in all respects. Had I had a bad experience I would have taken the other side of this debate. Is that not what debates are about? I just like to offer as strong a positive point of view to match the really negative ones I have read. I like fairness.
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  12. I am not sure why you took it that way. If Dave treated someone wrong, then it will come back and bite him (Dave) in the behind, how is that is an attack?
    Again, no "defending" here at all, I just wanted to know what parts were missing.
    Why do you think that just because some have had no issues and really like NFO that they must work for them?
  13. That sounds like very good service that followed an unfortunate packing mistake. It would appear to me that Mr Scadden should pursue better quality control on his distribution system.
  14. NO! You were writing a response to CMustang1 and you said get gets back to you (talking about cmustang1 not Dave.)

    Why exactly are you side stepping around the question? It's a simple yes or no question. :)
  15. How does that sound like good service??? I quote from his experience "I contacted them ( I will admit that it took more than a few tries :D ) and mentioned the problem."

    Why should you have to contact someone multiple times when they made the mistake not you? This example is flat out poor customer service. I shouldn't have to work to get good customer service. It should just be there.
  16. You know since I got my boat in April I have seen and talked to many people here in Canada that have Scadden products . Most were bought recently and shipped. I talked to noone that had an issue with anything and they were all happy with the product for the price they paid. I paid considerably less than the Xmas Special price he offered, actually much less than 1/2 suggested retail ($3000) as it was a " Show Special". I picked mine up on site so had no possible shipping issue. But the one thing I had shipped after i got home arrived in 3 days to my door as previously mentioned. I have no problem with the quality of construction, ie seams etc so I have to conclude that I must have been either very lucky or their manufacturing & quality control has improved since earlier days. I will continue to ask these questions as I meet other owners on the water and provide honest feedback - good or bad. This thread has proven to be very interesting.

  17. Yes or no what? Mustang said he is taking Dave to court soooo I said that hopefully Dave gets what he deserves in Mustangs eyes...is that straight stepping for you? What are you trying to accomplish here?
    As far as the customer service, You even said you had problems with your oars by WM. Then you were suppose to send the defect back. I think that was all that was meant by this post.
    I think you are trying to read between the lines. And on that note, I am ottahere
  18. I think he (Steezn290) is looking for a YES or NO answer to the question if you were or are an employee of Mr. Dave Scadden.
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  19. So you in the above sentence is referring to Dave. You hope Dave or Mustang1 gets what he deserves? Cause this was a response to Mustang I figured you were say Mustang gets what he deserves.

    Yes but the problem was my mistake not the companies. 100% my fault not water masters. And I only called once and he let me keep my oars while the others were in shipment and I was a bad customer by not sending them back promptly. Anyways he waited patiently for me. Not the other way around!

    Lastly the yes or no is to whether or not you have worked for Dave, are friends with Dave, or are related to Dave. Still have yet to answer this question.
  20. ^ Correct

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